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Things to know about cannabis seed quality before growing 


The use of high-quality seeds is one of the key requirements for growing healthy cannabis plants. It is true that the final yield depends on numerous factors including adequate watering, availability of nutrients, and good light quality. However, it all starts with superior genetics. In order to ensure that you receive the exact genetics you are looking for, it is important for you to source high-quality cannabis seeds. This will not only provide you the cannabinoid and terpene profiles you desire but will also help get rid of dud seeds.    

According to information from i49, an authentic cannabis seed bank, there are several factors to be examined and evaluated while purchasing seeds. There are certain signs that clearly indicate whether the seed is worth all the effort and hard work or not. Mentioned below are some of these factors.   


Feel and Appearance: One of the easiest ways to evaluate the traits and quality of cannabis seed is to get accustomed to their appearance. In general, the outer shells of genetically superior and healthier seeds tend to have darker shades. One of the most obvious signs of some good seeds is grey and black shades with the occasional display of a tiger stripe. The appearance of healthy seeds will also resemble a wax coating on the shell surface, particularly when exposed to bright light. 

In addition to a darker shade, better-quality seeds are quite firm and do not bend or break when squeezed between the thumb and index finger. On the other hand, old or poor quality seeds crack and crumble easily under pressure. Please remember that these seeds are nothing but pods of plant genetics. Over a period of time, they get aged and are no longer fit for use. Therefore, do not waste your time on seeds that are past their prime.

You should also avoid using seeds that are immature and young because they are unlikely to germinate. Even if they do, it will take much longer. These seeds can be identified by their green and white appearance.  

Avoid Seeds from a Bag: You may consider yourself lucky to find some seeds in your cannabis bag. However, these seeds are not good for a number of reasons. Firstly, this is an indication that the grower has messed up and allowed an invading male to pollinate the female plants. Once pollinated, the female plants shift their focus entirely towards producing seeds and stop producing THC-containing resin. Moreover, the seeds also add to the bag’s overall weight. This certainly means less weed for your money. 

Germinate the Seed: One of the best ways to evaluate the genetic potential of cannabis seeds is to simply put them in the soil. You will see the result within a very short time. This option is ideally suited for home growers with adequate time and space to spare. However, this may not be a suitable alternative for commercial growers.

Proper Sourcing: Without any doubt, the most trustworthy source to find great seeds is a reputable seed bank. These organizations have excellent breeding skills and are known to deliver exactly what they advertise to their customers. Many of these seed banks have an excellent reputation in the market. 

Float Test: If you are not satisfied after analyzing the appearance and toughness of the seeds and still have doubts about seed quality, carry out the float test. Fill up a glass jar or drinking glass with water and place the seeds on the surface. Seeds that remain floating on the water surface are likely to be of poor quality. On the other hand, healthier seeds will sink to the bottom.  

Be patient while conducting the float test because the result may not be seen immediately. Some high-quality seeds need time to absorb enough water and sink to the bottom of the container. Therefore, before confirming the results, you must wait for 1-2 hours.     


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