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Manifesting abundance!


James O. James

Text: 12 Kings 7: 1-end
abundance is a condition where one has everything he needs and lacks nothing. It is a state of affairs where all your needs are met without sweat or struggling. To live in abundance is to be immune from poverty, scarcity and economic hardship.

In today’s passage we are told of story of the nation of Israel (Samaria) who went through an enemy siege that led to severe hunger so much so that women were eating their children for food. In midst of this seemingly hopeless situation, Prophet Elisha prophesied that things were going to drastically change within 24 hours and that things will become so cheap and affordable because God was going to intervene in their situation. At the end of the day, abundance manifested at the gate of Samaria according to the word of God.

When we look at our nation, we can say that we are currently going through something similar to what they went through in Israel. Things are so expensive that hardly can a middle class Nigerian family boast of two square meals per day. In this midst of all that is happening, the question is whether abundance is possible in a depressed economy like ours?


The answer is a resounding YES! Truth be told, it is not everybody in this country that is going through hardship, and for those of us who may be going through hardship abundance is possible.

In Luke 22:35, Jesus said “when I sent you out did you lack anything?” In other words the disciples of Jesus as long as they were with him and doing what he asked them to do lacked nothing.
So how do we enter abundance?

Firstly, Align yourself with Jesus
• Do the master’s work and he will make a way for you
• Serve him and he will satisfy you with good things of life. “If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land” says Isaiah 1:19

• Follow his leading – He will make you catch the right fish – the one with coin in its mouth (Matthew 17:27). He will make a way where there is no way – Isaiah 43:19
Secondly – Prophesy the release of abundance
• Speak abundance
• Think abundance
• Command abundance
• See it; embrace it
• Pray saying “Lord I want to feel, touch and manifest abundance!

Thirdly – Give
The following gave to manifest abundance:

• The widow of Zarephath – Prophet Elijah said to her “Give me first to eat”. She put God first and abundance manifested. The cruise of oil did not run dry! 1 Kings 17:13-15

• When Abraham gave his son Isaac to God, God swore by himself saying “In blessings I will bless you. In multiplying I will multiply you.” Genesis 22:17. Abraham was blessed with abundance because he gave to God.

• Solomon gave to God 1000 burnt offerings and God visited him that night with a “blank cheque” – 1 Kings 3:4-5

• The Queen of Sheba gave to Solomon and in the end Solomon blessed her with more than she had given – 1 Kings 10:10-13

God is a God of principles and does not discriminate! What he did for Israel, he can do the same for you only if you do what they did. May abundance be your portion this season in Jesus name!
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