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Marrying someone too strong for you


Charles Ighele

After taking a good look at the lady one of his sons wanted to marry, my father-in-law, Bishop Michael Marioghae (of sweet memories) told him “this girl is too strong for you.” He married someone else.

Within the first few days of this new year, I have had cause not to encourage a lady to get married to a man she was engaged. I did not discourage her neither did I encourage her. But I made her see how men with the character of the person she was engaged to behave after becoming husbands. She agreed hundred percent with my analysis, that the man was already exhibiting all the traits I mentioned. She, therefore, broke up the relationship. She saw that the man would be too strong for her.

So, what are some of the signs when a male or female is too strong to be a wife or a husband? In a relationship I am aware of, when this engaged couple had a little argument, the lady will tell the man “shut up, are you mad?” She would say it with so much authority. Perhaps one or two people reading this article may think that the lady was demonically empowered to exercise authority over that man and in fact all men and that perhaps she is a queen somewhere in the demon world. Yes, such cases are real.

We can see from the Bible in 2 Kings 9:22 that the marital authority Jezebel exercised over her husband, king Ahab was demonically authoritative and therefore binding on her spiritually weaker husband. Jezebel was the supreme authority in that marriage. She was too strong for her husband, Ahab.

A lady can, however, be too strong for a man not because she has demons, but because she has a combination of a bad character and a very strong will and the ability to exercise authority that should not be challenged. This is the heart of the matter (the authority that should not be challenged.) This is the class the lady I mentioned above belongs.

In an engagement that broke up sometime ago, the boy called all the shots. He had the sole authority to decide the date of the wedding, the venue of the wedding, the size of the wedding, etc., without any input from the lady. The lady was wise enough to break the relationship. She saw that she would be a glorified slave if she married the man.

A man ordered the girl he was engaged to not to buy Christmas gifts for her parents. The lady had to break up the engagement because she felt the man would be too strong for her.Can you imagine a man telling the lady he is engaged to, to be giving all her salary to him? What nonsense! The lady still went ahead to marry the man. The marriage broke up because she got fed up with his misuse of authority.

In another case where the marriage went on despite the early signals, the strong man used his authority to put his wife in a state of what psychologists call “traumatised submission.” In yet another case where the man ignored the early signals and went on to marry the lady that was too strong for him, he came to me one day looking like a real beaten three-day-old pussy cat and told me, “I have not eaten for the past three days.” Why, I asked, and he then said, “Because my wife has not given me food for the past three days.”Better shine your eyes before you marry o. Me, I don talk my own. Love you.

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