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Methodist church Nigeria, diocese of Agbani ends 13th diocesan synod – Part 1


Udo Nmerengini

The 13th Annual Synod of the Methodist Diocese of Agbani, which held at All Saints Methodist Church, Ozalla in Nkanu West Local Government Area of Enugu State, between Thursday 2nd Sunday 5th May 2019, under the leadership of His Lordship, Rt. Rev. Udo Nmeregini, examined the state of the nation and the Church based on the theme of our Conference for the 2019, which states “Obedience to God’s word is better than Sacrifice” 1st Samuel 15: 22.

God instructs Saul “Now go and attack Amalek and utterly destroy all that they have, do not spare them but kill both men and women, child and Infant, Ox and Sheep, Camel and Donkey” (1st Samuel 15: 3). Saul’s half obedience to this command had devastating effects, which include:
• His removal from his elevated office
• God rejected him from being king
• His children were denied access to throne of Israel.

The Clarion Call
• The Synod in session, therefore, calls on Christians and indeed Nigerians to obey God’s word completely as half obedience is no obedience at all.
• Christians should have absolute trust in God as lack of trust in God leads to disobedience, which brings curses, God’s wrath, rejection of our sacrifices and eternal suffering in hell.
• It is true that the Church is presently suffering from harassment and intimidation, Synod commends Christians for their high level of decorum by always turning the other cheek when provoked as commanded by God.
Unity Of The Church


Synod calls on the church to be united in order to carry out its primary assignment as a praying community. The church should have good rapport, unity of purpose, integration and cohesion amongst themselves as Jesus prayed for in John Chapter 17.

Anti – Corruption Crusade
While commending the Federal Government of Nigeria for driving the anti-corruption crusade with the speed it demands and affirming that the church is strongly behind the anti-corruption Crusade, but regrets that this crusade is not all inclusive and has maintained that it is lopsided.

We are aware that people who migrate from one party to the other are the same people, but it beats our imagination that “the vilest offender” in one party crosses over to another party to become “a Saint” overnight. Whoever is seen to be corrupt should be seen as such regardless of the party he/she belongs to. Our fight against corruption should be holistic and genuine.
Rt. Rev Dr. Udo Nmeregini, Diocesan Bishop

Rule Of Law
We have noticed that most government functionaries refrain from obeying court orders and so it seems that Nigeria is practicing jungle justice and promoting lawlessness. This is unacceptable to the church.

The church also observed that recently the government practices “Militocracy” to the extent of undue interference and silencing the legislative and judicial arms of government. This is unfortunate and must be reverted as it portrays great danger to our polity.We, therefore, call on all patriotic Nigerians to ensure that we protect our democracy as democracy without the rule of law is a farce.
Rt. Rev Dr. Udo Nmeregini, Diocesan Bishop
Sir Charles Okorie
Very Rev. Stephen Ani Lay President ,Synod President


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