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My role as a pastor’s wife in church and society – Part 1


Chimezuo O. N. Nwankpa

You are married to a Minister of the gospel, what an honour. Do you know that to be the wife of your pastor, shepherd and God’s servant is an enviable privilege? Mrs. Faith A. Oyedepo, the wife of Bishop David Oyedepo did say that, “God carefully selected you among an uncountable number of eligible women to be the companion of His called one, to be by his side in carrying out his God-given assignment. You are a woman on a God-ordained mission and you are very special indeed”.

The pastor’s wife is a special assignment, which is very demanding, very tasking and requires great focus and determination though rewarding but with peculiar challenges. These challenges can be very frustrating. People have in their minds a set expectations, some of them indeed are reasonable and biblical, others very unrealistic and unattainable. They uphold that standard and judge you by it most of the time.

The problem of some pastors not knowing the roles of their wives in the ministry has led to strained relationship at home and later have negative impact on the work of the ministry.

Beloved, I want us to note this very clearly; that is, whether your husband is called to be an apostle, prophet, pastor, evangelist or teacher, or helps any of the above to fulfill their mission, God has called you also as his wife to be by his side and to function effectively. It is important that we remember that at the beginning when God took counsel with Himself to make man to take responsibility on the earth, He created male and female and called them Adam – Gen, 1:26-27 (KJV). Adam in God’s original concept is the compound name of the man and woman who are one – Gen. 5:1,2 (KJV). They are made to be inseparable in their lives and in their actions. God’s plan is that man will not be without a woman. And a woman will not operate without a man. Our world will not have shape if the two components of Adam are not in place and are not functioning together, said Dr. Sade Akanni, the wife of Gbile Akanni of Peace House, Gboko.

The spirituality of the man is only enhanced and sustained by the spirituality of the woman. Gbile and Sade Akanni in their work, ‘What makes a woman Spiritual’ did say, “It is clear in our minds that no Church can be more Spiritual than the Spirituality of the women within her. No man can go far, if the wife of his youth is left to herself or she becomes a descendant and disciple of women like Jezebel. No nation can be great if her women are not women of virtue who make the home and provide the womb for the incubation of her leaders. Several nations have been ruined both in ancient times and in modern days as the women folk became wayward. They are used for modeling and advertisement. Sodom and Gomorah were notorious for their reckless sexual immorality because their women were untamed and untrained.

Being a Minister’s wife is a calling in itself. It is a calling from God not from man. One of the sisters I proposed for marriage turned it down because she said she was not called to be a Minister’s wife so she can’t cope with the responsibilities.As a Minister’s wife, it is important for you to be studious. Learn to bend down to study the word of God regularly and apply it to your daily living (2Tim. 2:15). Read, study, meditate, and live the word without which you cannot affect your world / society.
The Most Rev. Chimezuo Nwankpa, Archbishop of Uyo, Methodist Church Nigeira

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