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2021 failed prophecies

By Isaac Taiwo
02 January 2022   |   1:58 am
Every year, religious leaders release prophecies as part of their customs. While many of these prophesies come to past, a great majority of them never happen.

Every year, religious leaders release prophecies as part of their customs. While many of these prophesies come to past, a great majority of them never happen. ISAAC TAIWO looks at some of these prophecies that never happened in 2021.

Prophet Jeremiah Asuquo Edet,
The Chosen Men To Lead Nigeria Out Of Trouble
PROPHET Jeremiah Asuquo Edet, who is currently remanded at the Ibara Correctional Centre, Abeokuta, Ogun State, had, in his 2021 prophecies for Nigeria, said there would be a new government without elections in Nigeria.

He further said when God appeared to him, it was revealed that the nation’s tears, worries, the death, the disaster, the killings, the war, the doom and all these would come to an end if all the men of God he had chosen could be honoured.

He noted that the Lagos State Governor, Sanwo-Olu Babajide would lead, and not to sponsor.His words: “The men I have chosen must hear from the man I sent, which is my son Jeremiah. I will not let any man take my place, my honour and my praise. These men are Adeboye, Oyedepo, Paul Enenche, Ibiome, T.D Jakes, Arch Bishop Duncan Williams, Adefarasin and Joshua Selman. These are the men I have chosen, his Excellency Babajide Sanwo- Olu must lead, he is to lead not to sponsor.”

According to him, “Nigeria will rise again through the intervention of these men. I, Elohim, have spoken. If it is delayed, more disaster will happen, it will involve their families, children, fathers will bury their children and there will be no one for my word to be given to. I made the covenant with them, and I am here to confirm the covenant. The solution is in this boy if only they will listen and try me as Elohim. He left me with Jeremiah 5:1, and Gen 18: 16-23.”

Apostle Theophilus Ebonyi
Nigerians Should Pray To Overcome Demonic Agenda Against Nation
Another clergy, Apostle Theophilus Ebonyi, the Senior Pastor of Faith on the Rock Ministry International, charged Nigerians to seek God’s intervention by offering prayer for the present government of President Muhammadu Buhari to over come the demonic agenda against the nation.

Pastor Ebonyi, who gave this admonition while speaking with journalists in Nasarawa State, warned government against playing politics with God’s message delivered by Bishop Matthew Kukah to the nation.

According to the clergy, the nation will witness a shift in government without election where the number two will assume the number one position without elections or coup.

In his prayer for the nation to mark his 43rd birthday celebration and Prophetic release for 2021, said going back to God genuinely was the only sure way to avert the experiences that will take place in government and to over come the challenges confronting the country.

According to him, “God revealed to me in the place of prayer his blessings and intervention in the affairs of the Nigeria that government will witness a shift that is going to give ground to the number two citizen to become number one so saith the Lord.”

Prophet Ikechukwu Okafor Samuel
I see world leaders giving medical numbers and codes
The General Overseer of Shiloh Word Chapel Apo-Abuja, Prophet Ikechukwu Okafor Samuel said, “I see the world leaders giving medical numbers and codes that will not tally with their faith and natural will, pray for wisdom and victory. I see countries merging to use a common passport, travelling document and currency. CAN should pray against pressures to accept laws against Christian faith and activities both nationally and globally. A protest similar to ENDSARS kind of protest will arise from lower to higher level of revolution in Nigeria and many nations.”

“I saw a sign in the sky that will make the scientist to panic, but it’s a message to the earth from God. Many other faith and religious people shall see Jesus and confess him by this encounter. Nigeria will have more unstable leadership. This calls for fervent prayers. Northern leaders will meet for national peace, but some will disagree and form another party,” he said.

“Past events that may have been forgotten shall come up to destabilize the peace we have been crying for in Nigeria. Nation Iran, I see a movement of missiles in and out, pray for Israel, japan and America and china on this. There is a European nation I see crying for public tragedy.

He also said, “I saw a sect in Yemen, that has moved from the base scattered all over the world to terrorise, pray for peace in the nations of the world. Pray against vessels and yacht cruise accident to be stopped in Canada, Florida and all over America. I see a country swallow another country, for another country to rise. Also a nation coming out, separating from the main nation, not allowed to name the nation now, you will know at the right time.”