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Nothing is too difficult for God to do


Anene Nwachukwu

There is no road that Christ cannot penetrate and every mountain before Him becomes plain. No matter the circumstances you are in, don’t be frustrated. God is always ready to make you manifest again. He is master over all.

The Bible talks about the mad man in Gadarenes, who has his abode in the cemetery. He has no business with human beings because of the level of his insanity. He is so violent that no man could bind him, and even chains cannot tame him. The Bible says he always breaks the chain into pieces and as a result, he is always alone in the tomb. And when you are moving towards his direction, people will always warn you to beware.

The Bible says one day, Jesus came across the sea and he started working towards the mad man and people were calling His attention, that He should beware. When the mad man saw Jesus from, he stood up and walked up to Jesus. He knelt down before Him to worship Him. Notice that the mad man came to Jesus on his own; nobody dragged him, or carried him. This means that no situation can come before Jesus and still remain the same. And I prophesy that every situation in your life today has come in contact with Master Jesus and so, the situations are bowing to Jesus, whether the situation is in your body, family or business, it is bowing in Jesus name.Jesus looked at him and said, come out of him thou unclean spirit, what is your name, then he said legion because we are many. I prophecy that, that man in your family terrorising people, this year God is bringing him out in Jesus name.


There are certain people you must let out of your life. There is an Uzziah that must be brushed out of your way. The life of Christ is a life of character, believers are known by their attitudes. As a child of God, you must know why you are a child of God. You are not a child of God because you are moving from one church to another. You are a child of God because you have decided to live the life of Christ, so every other life style must be brushed out. You have to make up your mind that everything about you will reflect God. Isaiah is a prophet of God, and God uses him but he is also close to Uzziah and he hears from him too. There are people you shouldn’t listen to. Consciously train yourself to recognise the voice of God when He talks to you. A lot of people don’t hear from God because they are not spiritually alert. When you hear from God, He can direct you on what to do on a particular issue and if you do it, you will testify. Whatever Uzziah tells Isaiah is what he does and that was why Isaiah ministry was stagnated until the death of Uzziah. When you have an Uzziah in your life, you will start seeing and speaking wrong things.

Some many Christians are undone, they are half-baked, always hearing and taking the wrong counsel. Don’t take in all the words you hear especially when it’s coming from unbelievers. Also as a child of God you need not to worry what people are saying about you because you are a different person. Besides when too many people are talking against you, it means that nobody is actually talking. You must understand that no matter who is talking if they don’t measure up to your level, it doesn’t count. More importantly when people talk against you, they are called backbiters and every backbiter will remain at the back, while you move forward.

Prayer points
• Oh Lord, tame every evil forces around me in Jesus name.
• Oh Lord, anybody looking for me or my children, may they begin to cut themselves in Jesus name.
• Oh Lord, any king Uzziah around me hindering my progress, leave in Jesus name.
• Oh Lord, any difficult road in this year 2019, I penetrate easily in Jesus name.
• Oh Lord, because you have qualified me, I’m entering places that nobody in my family has entered in Jesus name.
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