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Promoters/third generation organist and opportunist of the labour industry (1955-1975) – Part 2

By Dr. Alfred Gelles Albert-Frimenjibo
01 December 2019   |   3:15 am
This penultimate category are those of the present age bracket of living founding fathers, as can be referred to in the preVsent Bille Musical Association.


This penultimate category are those of the present age bracket of living founding fathers, as can be referred to in the preVsent Bille Musical Association. The principal actors here include Mr. Ekinde Frimenjibo, Chief I. D. Minapakama, Chief Harvest Allison, Chief Impakabuari E. Diri, Arch. Ibroma Kemuel, Mr. R.I.S. Herbert, Mr. G. S. Dagogo, Mr. N.C. Bregbo, Mr. A. G. Festus, Mr. Iyalla Herbert, Mr. Ogbolu Diri, Mr. I. N. Thompson, Mr. A. A. Huttons, Mr. Ali Dappa. Mr. Kinye Georgewill, Mr. Samuel Benebo, Mr. Edward Frimenjibo and Mrs. Ye-Oriton Benebo.

Others are Mr. Christopher Nungo, Engr. Itelema Kari, Revd Ibiwari Sibi, Engr. Ibifubira Fresh, Engr. Godspower Cyprain, Mr. George Frimenjibo, Mr. Amaike Okoronkwo, Mr. Taminokuro Kemuel, Mr. Owanate Sampson and Mr. Tomitonwa Sampson, among others. These folks do not only play the organ as a means of livelihood, but also had the foresight to embrace the already established protocol of academic advancement to the tertiary institution level, leading to notable accomplishment in their respective professional bodies and community leadership, amongst taking the vocation as an export service to the diaspora. There are now engineers, architects, professional managers, accountants, clergymen, chiefs and many other professions to their credit.

Formalisers/Contemporary generation Organist (1976 till date)
This last, present and contemporary category is a people of pride and intellectuals in the annals of history to the Bille Musical Association. Although their mode of operation is similar and seems like a continuation of the immediate past category, however, they took the advantage of formalising what was before known as just a common vocation to a profession now. They have not only formalised it to become a profession through completion of programmes in the music departments of high institutions of learning, but also involved in developing themselves on both the organ instruments and other instruments in conservatories of music within the country and the diaspora. In this category, we also have the principal actors as Dr. Alfred Gelles Albert-Frimenjibo, Mr. Tonye Sibi and Mr. Nimitein West. However, the list is endless, knowing that mediums for the pursuit of knowledge can be formal, informal and even non-formal. Therefore, the rest in this category are Barr. O. E. Deinbo, Mr. Rogers Clinton, Mr. Brobiaye-ofori Herbert, Mr. Given Ebenezer, Mr. Victor Dokubo, Mr. Otekenari Paul, Mrs. Inemoruta Sampson, Mr. Mina-Ibiye Syer, Mr. Eric Cephas, Mr. Kelvin Diri, Mr. Benjamin Diri and Ms. Nelly H. Allison among others.

Let us remember the budding reason for the formation of the Bille Musical Association, which took off in 1985, as projected by the founding fathers.

• To continually train young interested organist.

• To form a bond through association and decide for better remuneration and welfare.

• To retrain or provide in-service training to members for proficiency delivery in manipulation of current and sophisticated new and improved digital organs.

• To encourage and persuade one another to gain higher education in music and other disciplines to become more productive citizens, self-reliant and relevant to our community and the society.

• To encourage high level inter-personal skill on organ playing for attraction of wide socialisation and inter-cultural tolerance and unity amongst neighbouring clans and the larger society respectively.

The above must remain on our fingertips as the target, while we remain and maintain active and proficient practitioners.