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Relationship where there is no excitement or sense of satisfaction

By Solomon Ojigiri
15 March 2020   |   3:52 am
Another thing that helps you to know if you are in a wrong relationship is the level of joy, excitement and satisfaction you have and that of the other party.

Another thing that helps you to know if you are in a wrong relationship is the level of joy, excitement and satisfaction you have and that of the other party. If you are not happy, satisfied, joyful and excited about the relationship, that can be an indication that you are in a wrong relationship. It is not enough to be excited about your relationship; you must also watch out for the same in your partner. Is he or she satisfied and excited as you are about the relationship? There are tendencies that the person is not happy or not fully persuaded, if you notice that they are not excited or joyful about the relationship.

Excitement about the relationship is a very vital factor, as the absence of it can also be a signal that the person is no more interested in the relationship. When you notice that either you or your partner has lost your enthusiasm and excitement or joy about the relationship; that can be a sign of a wrong relationship. One of the proofs that you are in a good relationship is when you discover in yourself and in your partner that you have an unexplainable joy, excitement and satisfaction with the relationship, so much so that you are not carried away by what you see in others. The truth is that your partner may not be a beauty queen or the most beautiful person in the whole world or the most handsome in the whole world, but you are just satisfied, happy, joyful and excited about your decision or your choice and you are not considering anyone else. That, however, does not mean that no one else can appeal to you. As long as you are still in the flesh, you will also be attracted to members of the opposite sex. We all need great discipline to control our urges and inordinate desires or affections towards others.

A Relationship You Entered Into Because Of The Present Or Past Position Or Office Or Status Of The Parents Or Even That Of The Person:

There are many people who are trapped in this kind of relationship today. Some are even married to fame, wealth or position, and not to the person they claim to be married to. Let us imagine that a lady becomes Miss Nigeria today, or even Miss world with a lot of gifts, awards, rewards and a lot of monetary gifts and blessing. So many people (men) will want to hang around her, in order to ask for her hand in marriage. It may not necessarily be because they love her, but because of her name, fame and position or even merit or rewards. There are so many people that will hang around the sons or daughters of presidents, governors or senators because of the fame, name, and popularity of their parents and not because they actually love them. It is not a sin, if one is truly in love and you know that the son or the daughter of the president or governor is God-fearing and he or she also loves you, and you are led by the Holy Spirit. But it is absolutely wrong to desire a man or a lady just because of the good position or the office the father occupies. Come to think of it, what if you start a relationship with a lady because she is a governor’s daughter and possibly you are joined together as husband and wife, what will happen if her father was impeached before or after the wedding? What will happen to your relationship? Positions and offices are not usually permanent and even if they are, it is not a good or genuine reason for a good marriage.

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