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Showers of blessings – Part 2



The basis of receiving God’s blessings is our new birth in Christ. The new birth experience makes an erstwhile sinner a new creature.

With a new experience and position in Christ, the old language of defeat and discouragement will give way to a new language of faith.


As new creatures we have a new: (1) Covenant with God who faithfully fulfilled every detail of His covenant with Abraham and David, and will fulfill ours; (2) Captain – Christ, the Captain of our salvation guides, directs, and leads us; (3) Counsellor who counsels and directs us through the Holy Spirit; (4) Commandment to love one another; (5) Communication with the new tongue that the Lord gives the new creature; (6) Cogitations – new way of thinking or meditation; and (7) Companion – people of God are your companions and not people who scorn at the word of God.

Our new position in Christ gives us new power and possibilities. These privileges belong to those who are saved. The Lord has given us power “over all the power of the enemy”. There is therefore no reason to be afraid. The moment any sinner receives Christ as Lord and personal Saviour, God gives him/her power to become His child; he/she receives the “power unto salvation”. With the power of God in his/her life, the fear of man, failure, bad dreams, curses, and ancestral spirits are gone.


In Christ, there is (1) power over sin. When Christ comes into the life of a sinner, he begins to live a victorious life above sin. (2) Power over sickness. (3) Power over spirits. With the power of Christ in the believer’s life, no evil spirit can torment him. (4) Power of sonship. (5) Power of salvation. The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is the power unto salvation. (6) Power in all situations. (7) Power over the old serpent. (8) Power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives us the power and boldness to preach the gospel.

Believers who sit with Christ in heavenly places have all the riches and resources of heaven as their inheritance and portion. The Lord makes the provision, gives us the possession, and grants us our portion. What kind of portion do we have in Christ? (1) Divine portion – when God the Creator, Healer, and Provider is our portion, all our needs will be met. (2) Daily portion – we should expect daily miracles in our lives. (3) The desired portion – whatever we desire from the Lord in faith, we will have them as our possession. (4) The determined portion. (5) The disciples’ portion. The “divine nature” is the disciples’ portion. There is no weakness, sickness, fear or calamity in the divine nature. (6) The dedicated portion. (7) Double portion – if we focus on the Lord and obey all His commandments, we will get a double portion of His blessings.

Further Reading (King James Version): Ezekiel 34:26; Ephesians 1:3; 2:6; 3:20; Luke 10:19; John 1:12; Romans 1:16; 2 Timothy 1:7; Revelation 12:9-11; Acts 1:8; Psalms 73:26; 68:19; Mark 11:24; 1 Samuel 9:23,24; 2 Peter 1:3,4; Deuteronomy 21:17.


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