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St Mary… Creating Awareness On Human Traficking, Others


keppy.  Photo:

keppy. Photo:

The long-anticipated movie, St Mary, produced by Obi Anthony Osotule and directed by Mathias Obahiagbon, is set to hit cinemas in Nigeria soon. The movie creates awareness on human trafficking menace and other related offences.

In an honest quest for improvement in his life and the desire to settle into matrimony with his heartthrob, Tijiri, a stowaway, uncovers a massive conspiracy on board an oil vessel St Mary on voyage bound for Armsterdam.

Associate producer, Kepy Bassey-Inyang said, “We were motivated purely because of the thematic pre-occupation of the story, something we think that is worst than slavery. We addressed the issue in some way and we addressed the issue of human trafficking.

We did it from the local perspective because human trafficking now occurs within and outside countries. People unfortunately become displaced locally; some of them are tricked with promises of a better future and are taken out and they end up in forced labour camps and the women, especially become sex slaves.

“The new thing now is that people are no longer trafficked; they are now being kidnapped and adopted, with their body parts harvested. They go as far as removing kidneys or ovaries for surrogacy. So, this is terrible and that is why we decided to address the issue”.

Giving more insight into the movie, Bassey-Inyang said, “We started off with a Facebook link; this girl is from a fairly rich background and she is hooked up and we saw what happened to her, hopefully she is found alive unlike some others and it is strange that it happened to her.

That also tells us that everyone is in danger regardless of your status. It also tells us how vulnerable anyone can be because unconsciously most times when we walk on the street we actually think we are on top of our situation but there is someone out there who is smarter and wiser and is thinking on how to play on your weaknesses and sometimes it just happens.

For example, someone comes and tells you, ‘I have this new hair product and I will allow you use it for free and automatically you agree because it’s free. But you do not knowing what the consequences may be; so we need to be observant at all times”.

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