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Star hijackers at Christmas

By Dr. James O. James
30 December 2018   |   4:11 am
A star is what we see every day in the sky; that seemingly little heavenly body that shines up there. There is no human being who is born without a star.


Text: Matthew 2:1-7
What is a star?
A star is what we see every day in the sky; that seemingly little heavenly body that shines up there. There is no human being who is born without a star. Every man has a star and you, my friend, have a star. But I can tell you that there are wicked people who deal with people’s star. We call them Star Hijackers.

Stars are meant to represent people, and there are different types of stars. No two stars are exactly the same and the Bible says they differ in glory; strength and splendour. It is important to note that when a great man is born, his star appears and the whole world knows.

In our text, the wise men saw the star of Jesus from the east, and they recognised that this is the star of a ruler, and not just an ordinary ruler, but the ruler of Israel and they began to trace the star. They followed the star until they stopped where the owner of the star was.

When Jesus was born, His parent did not know
• That the star of their son had appeared.
• That people had seen their son’s star.
• That people were tracing their son’s star.
• That people were travelling to worship their son, because willing to kill their son because of his star.
• That there was also a man called Herod, who saw His star in the East.
How did they know that the star was that of a King? Every star has a voice and every star speaks! When they saw the star they heard the voice of the star, “I am King Jesus and I have come to redeem mankind.” The voice of the star spoke, but Herod planned to silence the voice of the star of Jesus by killing Him.

This is another Christmas season characterised by buying and selling, travelling, jubilation, rejoicing, eating, cooking and wearing of new clothes, but we neglect prayers. Usually at Christmas, a lot of evil things happen. There are several things that can happen to a man’s star. A man’s star can be silenced, shot down or wounded by evil arrows and demonic pronouncements. When a star is brought down, the owner of the star begins to experience demotion, stagnation, disfavour, shame and every evil thing you can imagine. Stars could also be caged, silenced, transferred, destroyed, exchanged, or stopped from shining, frustrated and limited. There are more accidents, assassinations, ritual killings, stealing, etc. Unfortunately, this is the time people neglect to pray; people will do every other thing but pray. Even on Christmas day, people are too busy to go to church to worship the Person being celebrated. Instead, they are consumed by entertainment and pleasure. There is no better season to contend for your star than now.

May evil powers not hijack your star, and if they have hijacked your star, may you recover your star! I declare you to be a high flyer. Today, your star will be delivered from every form of oppression. Your situation will change, and you shall become a ruler among men. God will send you helpers and your star will shine again in Jesus name!
Prayer points:
1. My star, what are you doing in the cage of witchcraft? Come out now.
2. My star, refuse to be silenced in Jesus name.
3. Oh God my father let me star begin to speak again
4. Star destroyers of my father’s house begin to destroy yourselves.
5. Powers of my father’s house and mother’s house assigned to bring down my star, kill yourself.
6. Arrow shooters of my father’s house and mother’s house, I command you to shoot yourself.

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