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Symptoms of witchcraft attacks – Part 3

By John Okene
01 December 2019   |   4:12 am
Whenever you sleep and experience a force pressing you down, you want to shout but cannot and even when you shout, you will not be heard, it is a symptom of witchcraft attack.


Text: Nahum 3:4-5
Whenever you sleep and experience a force pressing you down, you want to shout but cannot and even when you shout, you will not be heard, it is a symptom of witchcraft attack. Most people have died in their sleep like that, others have become very sick as a result of this kind of attack. A brother came to one of our weekly interdenominational prayer and deliverance service. He narrated his experience and that of his wife. According to him, he is used to the experience. His own started since he was in the secondary school and continued for close to 35years. The most pathetic case was that of his wife, she started experiencing this evil visitation the night after their wedding. It got so serious that when she had a surgery, the wound will open up, after being pressed by an unknown force. We prayed with him and made a decree for the forces of witchcraft to take their hands off her also. That was how both of them got their deliverance. Some of the purpose why witchcraft powers come to press down a person when asleep is to asphyxiate the person, to weaken the person’s spiritual life, to cause sickness or to take something from the body of the person. Today, I decree, as you are reading this article, every witchcraft attack in your life comes to an end in Jesus name.

A brother had a dream and saw himself fighting with a cat. The cat put its claws on his face and he shouted for help. When he woke up, he saw blood and the marks of the cat’s claws on his face. He also saw three to four whiskers of the cat on his bed. This happened in the dream but it manifested in the physical. This is tantamount to how witches operate.

Witches can sell a nation through hoodlum and their family through witchcraft. That is why they are terrible. If someone wants to harm you and can’t, he would look for a witch or wizard in your family to collaborate with in order to harm you. In most cases, that relative of yours would donate you to be killed for a fee, which could be to get promotion in the coven.

Another sign to show that you are under witchcraft attack is strange illness. These are illnesses that cannot be diagnosed and at times the doctor will give a wrong prognosis. I know of a sister who had gone through operation six times. Twice she went, nothing was found after being operated on and the remaining four times was to do corrective surgery because while they were stitching her up, they made a mistake and stitched her intestines hence another surgery was needed to correct the intestine. While doing that, they made another mistake and that made her to undergo six surgical operations. She was booked for a seventh one before she came in contact with me and when I prayed for her and she became well. It’s been four years now, she is sound. Those things diagnosed had completely disappeared from her body. That was the operations of witchcraft in her life.

For some, by the time they finish treating one illness, they will be attacked again with another illness. For example, someone might be treating malaria and the test might show typhoid. He might end up treating malaria and typhoid only to be told the drugs he took have damaged his kidney whereas at the first instance there was no kidney problem. These are witchcraft operations. A young lad confessed during one of our deliverance service that he was responsible for the stroke his father had because he was the gate keeper in the coven and he took one of the father’s veins to flog late comers that were coming to the coven and that made the father to be paralyzed.

Again, untimely death is a sign of witchcraft attack. There are some deaths caused by witches because they had donated their loved one. There is a pathetic story of a woman who always heard the cry of a hawk in the night whenever her child is between six months to one year old. After hearing the hawk’s cry in the night, the following morning, the child would convulse and die. She had lost four children in the process. When we began to pray, the Lord revealed that it was the grandmother that comes in the form of a hawk to carry the woman’s children. She was donating them in the coven. After the prayers, the grandmother confessed and die

I pray for you, whoever that wants to sell you in the coven in order to gain promotion will die in Jesus name.
Rev. John Okene
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