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The evil blood collectors – Part 2



Text: Isaiah
49:24-26, Rev. 17:6.

One notorious group of evil blood collectors is the occultic powers. These are occultic people who drink and use blood for a sacrifice. Some time ago, a lady, who was believing God for the fruit of the womb, met me to pray for her.


In the course of our prayer, it was revealed that her father was responsible for her case. During her monthly flow, he would place a pot under her to collect the blood, and suddenly, in reality, she would have a miscarriage. Her father’s wealth increased and he was ready to give her anything. She never knew he was occultic but after the prayer, she was delivered from the occultic captivity.

There are different purposes for which these powers collect blood. It is a source of their food as they feed on blood like vampires. It is also a source of strength. Jesus instituted the Holy Communion to empower the believer and so the devil has a counterfeit. (1 Cor. 11:23-26). These powers collect the blood of men and keep in their blood bank. Some years ago, it was observed that there were repeated occurrences of accidents at a particular spot on a major road in my town of residence. This gave a lot of concern to my prayer team and we took seven days out to fast and pray. At the end of this exercise, a young man confessed that they placed spiritual drums there from their coven to collect the blood of men. I pray that every satanic revival being stirred up in your environment is hereby scattered in Jesus’ name and every witchcraft reservoir placed to collect blood from you and your loved ones are scattered in Jesus’ name.

The evil blood collectors can also collect the blood of men to renew their covenant and this is the most difficult covenant to break. Blood collected also could be used as an access point to reach the life of an individual. Finally, it could be for ritual purposes. This could be multi-purpose in operation; it empowers an altar when sprinkled on it and it could be for money rituals. You may be wondering why the use of blood. Deut. 12:23 tells us that that the life of the flesh is in the blood and we must not eat, drink or cook it. It is given to make atonement for the soul. The blood is responsible for the transmission of food, nutrients, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and excretion of waste in the body. It also helps to regulate body temperature, fight against infections, and prevents damages and loss in the body. There are different ways the evil collectors collect blood from men. It could be through lacerations and incision, strange road accidents, and miscarriages. Some cases of a heavy menstrual flow are not ordinary but satanic, so, when you attend to it medically, you must deal with it spiritually. A lady caught her own mother licking her used menstrual pad. You must be careful about how you dispose of such items. Lastly, blood can be collected through untimely death running in the family and then sexual intercourse, especially with a virgin. If you still see in your dream the person who deflowered you years after the experience, then do something about it.

Prayer Points
• Every evil pot programmed to collect my blood, scatter in Jesus’ name.
• Any wicked person that wants to use my life for ritual in order to get money, die by fire.
• Anyone using anything that belongs to me against me, catch fire.

Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries
Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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