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The evil collector – Part 3


Last week, we discussed who evil collectors are, their attributes and the ways they collect their dues. Today, we shall continue with how they collect their dues.They can come with strange and untimely death. Sometime ago, a sister came to me for prayers. She had seven children and whenever any of them clocked 15, he or she would die mysteriously. She had lost six children in the process and by the time she came to me, she had only one surviving child. I told her the situation was not normal, and we began to make inquiries through prayers. God revealed that the lady’s grandmother had six children and lost five of them.

Unknown to them, her grandmother, after having difficulties in childbearing consulted an idol and pledged that if he gave her children, she would continuously bring sacrifice to it. The grandmother died without revealing the secret to the surviving child, who happens to be the mother of this lady, had six children and five died. The surviving child who is this lady (grand-daughter) gave birth to seven children and lost six of them. The demon always allows one child to survive, so that she will give birth to another set of children he would take. The circle continued this way.

Another thing they can collect from you is money. This can take the form of one mysteriously losing money. Some work, but don’t see the money. Others are prone to mistakes, such that whenever things are about to work out for them, someone will scam them and take away all they have laboured for. If this is the case with you, you need deliverance.

A few others might discover that their businesses get burnt, and everything they have built up goes down in the inferno. Whenever they build up, a problem will always come up to scatter it. It could be that the evil collectors are coming in to collect. There was a brother, who was always complaining about loss of money. One day, he shut himself in his room and cried to God. After praying, he had a dream and saw a dwarf-like creature stretching forth its hands and commanding him to bring his money. He said an agreement was entered with his parents, and if he refused to release the money to him, he would be killed. The dwarf-like creature then collected the money from him. After that encounter, it dawned on him that the dwarf he saw in his dream was a demon idol who normally comes to collect from him. So, whenever he suffered loss, it is the money they have come to collect from him, as his tribute to them.

Another way the evil collector can collect from you is in the form of stagnation in business. I told a brother to go and pray because nothing was working in his business. I gave him some prayer points and placed him on a seven-day fasting. On the seventh day, he had a dream and saw that he went to his business place for transaction, but there were no sales and so, he closed shop for the day at about 6:30pm and left. He discovered that by 12am, something took him back to the shop. On getting there, he saw someone opened his shop and started selling his goods. All the goods in the store were sold and the customers kept telling the man selling to them, ‟Landlord, thank you” then he woke up. He thought he was the owner of the shop, but someone else had taken over the shop in the spirit realm. In the morning, there would be no sales, yet at night in the spirit realm, all the goods would be sold. It was the evil collector that was collecting his goods and this manifested in the form of stagnation.I pray that any evil collector managing your business or your health to die by fire, as their evil activities expire today in Jesus’ name.
• Yoke of the oppressor in my life, in the name of Jesus, break!
• Every cage of idolatry, holding me bound, in the name of Jesus, break!
• Evil cord of the wicked over my life, break!
• Every spiritual manipulation against my glory, expire by fire!
All roadblocks and impediments to the fulfilment of my greatness or destiny, in the name of Jesus, scatter by fire!
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