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The joy of salvation


Text: Acts 8: 34-39

In the passage above, the Bible says the Ethiopian Eunuch, having heard, understood and believed the gospel of Salvation through Jesus Christ, saw the need to be baptised and requested Philip to baptise him. The centre of the gospel of Salvation is found in Acts 8:37 i.e. “believe with all your heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.” The Bible says, when they came out of the water, the Holy Spirit caught Philip away, so that the eunuch saw him no more. In spite of this sudden disappearance, the Eunuch went on his way rejoicing. (39). This is the Joy of Salvation.
(A) The Joy Of Salvation: What Is It?

Salvation though faith in Jesus Christ is an experience that brings deliverance, restoration and preservation. It is a deliverance from the grip of Satan, a restoration from eternal shame and a U-turn from the pit of hell. Salvation and the joy of salvation are closely connected though separable. Joy is the natural fruit of salvation, which must be possessed and experienced. It is a foretaste of heaven (1 Pet. 1:8). Unfortunately, not many people have this joy, including those who attend Church services regularly. Let us briefly look at the characteristics of this joy.
(B) Joy Of Salvation: The Characteristics


1. It Is Real
The fact that not all people possess it does not make it illusory. The fact that not all people who dwell on the face of the earth behold the light of the sun daily does not deny its existence. The sun always exists and is always shinning forth its beams, but men may be shut up within walls or be turned on the revolving earth away from the sun or have their organs of vision impaired or closed, and thereby have the sun as to them shining in vain. It is the same with the joy of Salvation. Some don’t have it because they are not saved, while some deliberately or ignorantly removed themselves from it. No matter what, it is a real experience of life.

2. It Is Divine
It is not the same as worldly or earthly joy. It is divine, for God is its source and Author.

3. It Is Inward
It is internal joy, which is not controlled by physical circumstances of life. Even in the midst of trials and tribulations, you can still have this joy.

4. It Can Be Lost
The Joy of Salvation, though no one can take it from the Christian (John 16:22) can be lost. This can be seen in the life of David. In Psalm 51:12, David pleaded with God to restore it back to him because he lost it. From David’s experience, it can be lost through:


• The practice of sin.
• Presumption and carelessness.
• Indolence. The laziest man is the most miserable and the most easily tempted. Work is healthy. The most faithful Christians are the most joyful.

5. It Is An Evidence Or Assurance Of Your Salvation
If you claim to be born again and you do not have this joy, it means something is definitely wrong. No one who is genuinely saved will lack this joy, even when going through the trials of life.

The two most important questions are: do you have this joy and if you had it before, do you still have it? If you have lost it, the good news is that it can be restored through deep and sincere penitence, entire dependence upon God and believing in the power of prayer that God will hear and restore it to you. In heaven, that joy will be uninterrupted and eternal. But if you don’t have it here, you shall not have it there. You can have it or regain it today. The choice is yours. Shalom.


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