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The power in a name


Anene Nwachukwu

1 Chron 4: 9-10; Ruth 1:1-20.
Have you find out the meaning of your name? Because there is power in your name. The name a person bears has spiritual connection. Your name will either make you go places or stagnate you. Some people are affected in life because of their names and as a result, it has left them in bondage. I have seen cases where people have doors of opportunities closed against them because of their names, while some others always have open doors because of their names.

Now let’s take some examples from the Bible.
Jacob was given a name that affected his life until he met with the angel of the Lord. His name made him to misbehave. Jacob means swindler and deceiver.

One day, Jacob was asleep and in his dream, he had an encounter with the angel of Lord and he refused to let the angel go until the angel asked for his name and he said Jacob. Then the angel said from today, your name would no longer be Jacob but Israel. And that was how Jacob’s destiny changed. You too can have a change of destiny, only if you can change your name. Find out the meaning of your name, and if it doesn’t have a good meaning, then CHANGE IT.


Some people, because of the circumstances they were born into, their parents gave them wrong names that are holding back their progress in life. Take, for example, Jabez in the Bible. He was born into affliction, his mother gave birth to him in sorrow and she called him Jabez, meaning son of sorrow. And he grew up to know that his name was affecting his destiny, then he called upon God to change his name, and God answered him and his life became better.

Ehimelech was in the land of Judah, the land of praise. And because of famine, he took his family into the land of Moab, the land of insects. Some people have changed because of the situation of things in the country. Some other changed from the level of training they got from their parents and they are now living a different life, they have given themselves new names. In the land of Moab, Ehimelech died and his two sons also died. When you move out of God’s will for you, the enemies will attack you. The Bibles says, “He who breaks the edge the serpent will bite.” And as a result of this, his wife Naomi had to call herself Mara meaning bitterness. Don’t let the present circumstance or past experiences change your name.

How can a well-trained young man get to Lagos and start bearing Smookie or Japaa? Or a lady starts bearing Babaokwu. He/she can’t be a better person because of the name. Even if you want to bear a nickname, let it conform to God’s word. Some people’s names are according to what they do in the place where they stay, such as Mockers, Backbiters, Thieves, pigs and so on. You too can change your name if you fall in this category. Don’t let your name deprive you of your glorious inheritance in Christ. Let it be that when people hear your name, only good things come to their mind. Let your name glorify God. Take a look at the name of our Lord Jesus. He has the most glorious name. His name is higher than any other name. At the mention of His name, every knees bows. Everything in heaven and on earth responds to His name. Remember that if God must use you, if you must enjoy God’s peace, you have to change your name. God bless you.

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