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The power to overcome temptation


Anene Nwachukwu

Everything that happens in life is for a purpose, and if you are afraid of facing temptation, you can never be a better person in life. Make no mistake; everyone in life must go through one temptation or another at different stages. Jesus was led into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. The devil will always tempt you with your needs at every point in time, which is why you cannot be thirsty for worldly things. But your ability to stand in the midst of these temptations is vital. The devil came to show Jesus beautiful things. It’s just like today, when before they initiate you into an occultic movement, they will show you beautiful things that will entice you, forgetting that there are two sides to a coin. They won’t tell you that your mother or father or wife or husband or children will be the sacrificial lamb. Anything you did not sweat to get, you will surely sweat to keep. Behind every satanic apple, there is a worm inside. No matter how beautiful the apple is; a good name is better than silver and gold.

The only key needed for you to overcome any temptation is THE WORD OF GOD. When temptation comes to you and you don’t have the word of God inside you, it will consume you. The Bible says let the word of God dwell in you richly. You have to set out time to study the word of God because knowledge is power.

From the foundation of the world, the word of God is sure, it is not under probability; it works any day, any time. It’s the solution to all life’s issues, if only you know and apply it rightly. And the beautiful thing is that God honours His words more than His name.

o matter how big the temptation is, stick to God’s word. Behind every Goliath, you see there is a David in you. You are an overcomer. The Bible says, “we overcome with the blood of the lamb and the words of our testimony.” In overcoming temptations, you must learn to make positive confessions of those words you studied. Whether the temptation is in your body, business or family, get the right words for it from the Bible and speak it forth.

Don’t set the word of God aside and rely on others’ opinions. Base your life on the word of God, because it is the truth. Your Christianity has not started until the word of God begins to regulate your opinions, choices and decisions.
If the circumstances around your life aren’t in sync with the life of victory and dominion that Christ has obtained for you, it’s your responsibility to effect a change.

Don’t cry about it, don’t gripe over it; just speak the word of God. Perhaps you have been experiencing challenges in your health. That is a temptation, speak and effect a change! Jesus said you shall have what you say. Therefore, speak words. It may be your job, finances, family or anything at all. Refuse to accept defeat, because your victory is in your mouth. So, don’t complain when temptation arises. Rather, talk to it using the word of God in you.
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