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There is an end to believers’ affliction


Brothers confessing their participation in the distribution of evil CDs/cassettes at the pulpit of The Lord’s Chosen headquarters church, Lagos.

Brethren, without doubt, we all can attest to the fact that devoted Christians standing on holiness and righteousness, preaching the gospel in and out of season, who regularly observe the precept and tenets of the Scripture, are bound to experience persecutions. This persecution is worse, when the victim is at the forefront of the campaign winning souls for Christ. When this is the case, the devil will unify all his kingdoms in all realms of existence for the purpose of inflicting injury on the believers’ feelings, families, reputation, properties, and liberties. All this is to ensure that propagation of the gospel is frustrated.

Any believer, who aspires to live a godly life, must expect to be subjected to such persecution. So, they who have chosen to preach to all creatures should be prepared. And when you are persecuted for the sake of the gospel, it is evidence that you are a true disciple of Christ. Any genuine believer, who has not been persecuted in any way, should inquire whether it is not evidence that he is not faithful in evangelism.

Although we have been warned to expect tribulation while we are in this body, however, one thing that is assured is that there is an end to the believer’s affliction or persecution, and a joyful end indeed. The same Lord Who allows the tribulation/afflictions will also recall them, when His purpose of allowing it is accomplished. God will never allow persecution/affliction of the enemy to devour the righteous. None of his trials can destroy him neither can the furnace hold him for a moment after the Lord bids him come forth of it.


Brethren, in the year 2013, The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Church and its members suffered fears, persecution that could only be compared to what the disciples experienced in the Bible days. We were hounded, battered, derided, ridiculed, despised, abused, deprived of our rights and privileges, just because somebody somewhere from the pit of hell alleged that Chosen is demonic. This is despite the fact that we are consistent in preaching absolute holiness and righteousness as the criterion for making heaven and the need for repentance. We were mocked and disrespected by everybody, including some members of the body of Christ.

But such persecution never discouraged us in pursuing our three-fold vision of grassroots revival all over the world, revival of the apostolic Christian experiences among the body of Christ and revival of heaven consciousness in the heart of believers and a mandate of winning 10 billion souls for the kingdom of heaven. Indeed, God has been on our side from inception of the ministry, and now at His appointed time, we are vindicated. Today, in all ramifications, it is very clear that Chosen was established by God.

Christ says, “I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” No degree of campaign of defamation can scuttle the will of God, for only the counsel of the LORD shall stand. (Prov. 19: 21). The restitution cum confession of Bro Usman published below and many others, yet to be published have vindicated us. This is a happy moment and a celebration for Chosen people. God established The Lord’s Chosen for the End Time revival. When we started 16 years ago, there was apprehension, particularly in places where people were hoodwinked in the name of the Lord. Devil thus decided to package an agent and brought her to Nigeria to discredit the power of God. And many churches joined her in envy because their members were joining Chosen in torrents.. Their aim was to stop what God is doing or close The Lord’s Chosen.

When the lady in her evil revelation mentioned seven churches and Chosen was not included, nobody made a cassette and no one propagated it. But as soon as Chosen, which was their target was mentioned, CDs and Cassettes were quickly made and freely distributed. But it is written, “Take counsel together, and it shall come to naught; speak the word, and it shall not stand: for God is with us.”

Psalms. 33: 10 says, “The LORD bringeth the counsel of the heathen to naught: he maketh the devices of the people of none effect.” God over-rules the thoughts and wills, and actions of men, whether single or united. He frustrates and makes their plots to end in nothing. He holds satanic malice in check by boundless power and makes their persecutions, slanders, and falsehoods against His people to produce no result at all. Chosen is blessed and shall not be cursed.

Confession Of Pastor Joshua Usman
MY name is Pastor Joshua Usman. I reside in Abuja (FCT). I want to confess the role I played ignorantly in persecution of the General Overseer, Pastor Lazarus Muoka and his church, The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement. The whole thing started when I left one of the big churches in Nigeria to establish my own ministry. During the same period, a movement sprang up. The director of this movement had invited me to join the association and I became a member and by extension, got my ministry involved in the activities of the movement.

In 2012, a lady from Sierra Leone, visited and shared a revelation of what she saw when she visited heaven and hell. Afterward, she was asked by the director of the movement to repeat her testimony at a larger congregation. When that was done, she returned to Sierra Leone. In 2013, she visited again and before we knew it, we heard she was getting married to the director.

On the wedding day, when it was time to testify about life of the bride, two Sierra Leoneans — a lady and a man, who claimed to be her relations, appeared. We were also informed that these people purposely accompanied her to Nigeria to witness the wedding. As they came out to testify, the director interrupted them and instructed that they should be taken aside and interviewed, while the wedding continued.

After the wedding and before the reception, the director inquired about what the two relatives said. We told him that the duo alleged that (names withheld) was not just active in marine kingdom, but was still a powerful agent that should be avoided. That the whole revelation she gave was fake. They said that she shared the same revelation in Sierra Leone, which caused sharp division among the body of Christ, which was yet to abate. They cautioned that the Movement should not uphold her revelation; otherwise what happened in Sierra Leone would be a child’s play in Nigeria. But the director dismissed the matter and said we should forget about their allegation. That was how people were prevented from exposing her deception.

During further interrogation, the two relatives told us that when she first shared her revelation in Sierra Leone, she told them that she saw in hellfire a popular Archbishop from Sierra Leone and other renowned men of God. This claim sparked contention, bitterness and division among the body of Christ. Some people who were jealous and envious of the mentioned ministries gave credence to her revelation, while others who considered it slanderous debunked the story. Meanwhile, when she shared her revelation with us, the director and almost all the members of the movement upheld it. So, we aligned ourselves with the position of the director, as nobody wanted to oppose what the director accepted to be the truth.

During our annual 2013 conference, held in August, the director told the coordinators comprising mainly overseers of various ministries who joined the movement, that she had got another revelation and would be sharing it during the conference.

On the D-day, she mentioned seven big churches in Nigeria, whose overseers and members would not make heaven. Her testimony was the high point of the conference and though there was no reaction from those ministries, it was talk of the town.

In December 2013, when we had another convention, she shared revelation again, but this time she included The Lord’s Chosen Church among those that would not make heaven. She emphasised that Chosen is a satanic Church and everything should be done to bring out their members from that satanic bondage; otherwise they would perish and God would require their blood from our hands. So, after the convention, the director hurriedly summoned emergency meeting of all the coordinators and told us that part of the revelation concerning the Chosen has been documented in CDs and cassettes and were ready to be distributed freely across the nation. That it was our (coordinators) duty to ensure quick circulation of it to all churches, market squares, schools and buses, among others. He said we should also organise crusades and share the cassettes. To meet the demand of this instruction, we went to churches and told them to come together, so that we present to them the CD of an End Time church, so that they would know and be wise.

After watching the CD, participants were falling over themselves to collect free copies. Through this means, we distributed thousands of CDs and many, after watching the CD, were hoodwinked and ignorantly believed that Chosen is an evil church.

I was assigned to cover western states of Nigeria comprising Osun, Ibadan, Ondo, Ogun, Ekiti and Lagos, while others were sent to the North, East and South. That was how the evil CDs spread like wildfire. We were just like Saul of Tarsus, who was persecuting the church, and thinking he was working for God. We zealously distributed the CDs, thinking we were working for God. But somehow, I observed that whenever I finished carrying out this assignment, there would be no peace in me and I would be worried and dejected.

However, within a short time, confusion set in and about 18 coordinators resigned. It was at this juncture we started reasoning that the two Sierra Leoneans who gave us exposition about her were really saying the truth. But because the director did not give us chance and she was married to him, we could not act against his will. Before I knew what is happening, I began to hear a voice, telling me, “my son leave that place, come out from them.” However, I ignored the voice and continued in my foolish zeal.

I have two Chosen friends and two of them had a revelation almost at the same time and told me that God said I should leave the evil movement; that if I disobeyed I would die. As they continued to pressurise me, I told them if actually what they were saying was true, that God would do it at the appointed time. Later, in my dreams, angels started confronting me to renounce the Movement and go to that Chosen and do restitution, but I refused to give heed to the instruction.


However, in 2018, when I eventually decided to come out, I visited Chosen headquarters but received no attention and went back. Then early this year, I visited again and made efforts to do restitution but to no avail. At this juncture, the angel of God appeared again in my dream and said to me “my son why are you delaying? Why are you still there? If after you shared this cassette and later found out it is fake, what should you do?”

Again I had another dream where we were in a congregation. And the angel mentioned my name and asked: “are you here? And I said yes. He asked again “have you come out from them? I said yes! He said, “Ok, God will bless you.” As he finished talking to me and turned to go, I saw angels escorting him, and when they reached the pulpit and took position as ushers, the G.O of The Lord’s Chosen appeared and climbed the pulpit and I woke. Brethren, from that moment, I became fully convinced that God’s presence is in Chosen and that I had been in the wrong place.

Then, I decided that I must, as a matter of urgency, make restitution on the altar of the Chosen. Although it wasn’t easy, but the grace of God was there to help me to expose the campaign of calumny and wickedness committed against Chosen people and General Overseer through sharing CDs and cassettes.

Brethren, if God had not been in Chosen, what we did would have pulled Chosen down. In fact, there wouldn’t have been anything like Chosen, but truly God is with them. No church would have survived such campaign. I pray that God should, by His benevolence, have mercy on me. Many that watched the cassette are in trouble today. I pray that God delivers them. Once again, I want to ask God for forgiveness. I also want the General Pastor, members and those who, on account of what I did left Chosen, to forgive men. Praise the Lord!


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