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Walk with God


Ben Eragbai

And Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah three hundred years, and begat sons and daughters: Genesis 5:22

When you run with men, it is called the race. But when you run with God, it is called Grace. The reason God redeemed you is to walk with Him and work for Him. Don’t forget that God needs fellowship with you daily, and afterward, He will pour His grace upon you to succeed in your endeavour. Walking with God does not withdraw your attention from your secular job or business but involves the ability to give God a prominent place in your heart – absolute trust in the Lord.

Enoch had a family and was also involved in other activities but he walked with God perfectly until it became a memorial. Make up your mind to walk with God.


Also, make up your mind to reject the alternative that is giving you temporal satisfaction. Hannah made up her mind to reject her husband’s worthy portion then she received God’s worthy portion – 1 Samuel 1:4-20. “Man’s worthy portion” is a reward of iniquity. God’s worthy portion is the reward of righteousness that spans through generations and beyond.

Enoch got it. Hannah and other Patriarch and Matriarch also got it through a perfect walk with God. Start today to fill the next gap.

Pray These Prayers Fervently This Week:
• Any contrary law working against my family expires now in Jesus name.

• I command any law of instability prevailing in my bloodline to expire by the blood of Jesus.

• I command any law of calamity decreed against me to backfire in Jesus’ name.

• I command any generational law hindering me spiritually, financially, in my marriage, health or education to expire now in Jesus’ name.

• I command any law responsible for the reoccurrence of the unpleasant event in my life to expire now in Jesus’ name.

• I cancel any handwriting of sickness, death, failure, delay, disappointment, and misfortune written against me by the blood of Jesus.

• I cancel any law promoting vain labour in my life by the blood of Jesus.

• Henceforth, let the grace of God speak for me in all dimensions of life in Jesus name.

Please send your prayer requests, Testimonies & Praise reports to us. We will respond to each request personally, Rev. Ben Eragbai in conjunction with the associate pastors and our Prayer Warriors will be praying on each request received from you.

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