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War against coven powers – Part 3

By John Okene
07 November 2021   |   2:42 am
Coven powers can be very destructive. Psa. 74:20 talks about the dark places of the earth. These are the different units of the coven, where all forms of violence and wickedness occur.

Rev. John Okene

Text: Nahum 3:1-5;
Psalm 74:20

Coven powers can be very destructive. Psa. 74:20 talks about the dark places of the earth. These are the different units of the coven, where all forms of violence and wickedness occur.

As children of God, operating under the Abrahamic covenant, we need to have respect for this covenant, so that we can also be under its protective cover. Knowledge of the mode of operation of these powers is also expedient if we must win the war against them. Witchcraft operates by manipulation, which means that someone is operating behind the scene. Certain decisions you take or mistakes you make come as a result of manipulation through telepathy or other means. The terrible thing about manipulation is that you don’t see the face of the one behind the scene, but you can only see the actions. They can manipulate a person to go for surgery or even travel, so he can die in the process. They can also manipulate one to move from his place of blessing to another location. The devil manipulates a lot through witchcraft.

In every family, there are protocol officers and the head of them is the strongman, who is the ruler spirit. We also have a familiar spirit, which is the minister in charge of information and the last of them is the witchcraft spirit, which is the executioner. If an evil law exists in a family that says no one is allowed to get married and peradventure a lady breaks free from it to get married, the witchcraft spirit is sent immediately into action. All it does is manipulate a problem in that marriage, so she is sent back to her father’s house. “May every manipulating power over your life expire today in Jesus’ name”.

Aside from manipulation, witchcraft powers operate by intimidation. In 1 Kg. 19:1-4, we see how Jezebel intimidated the great prophet Elijah to the point that he lost touch of the essence of living. The whole Israel was held under her power of intimidation for years. Similarly, many people, today, are tormented by fear to make a venture in life and so make no progress. The Word of God says you shall get deliverance from that fear because it is not of God. 2 Tim. 1:7, Lk. 1:74-75, Isa. 14:3. Another operational mode of witchcraft is by bewitchment. This is different from manipulation, as the victim is not conscious of what he is doing as a result of the spell of bewitchment. It is possible for a whole family, community or nation to be under bewitchment, as seen in Acts 8:9-11 and Gal. 3:1.

A 19-year-old boy under bewitchment was married to a 56-year-old lady until God opened his eyes and he was delivered. Again, witchcraft can operate by control. If you find yourself in a place where you are threatened by a curse not to leave, then witchcraft is not far from it. If you dream of always being controlled to labour or go on errands, you are under demonic control.

Finally, they operate by isolation. They can cause you to quarrel with all your helpers until you are left alone to the point that you don’t even want to go to church anymore. In this case, you’re cut off from fellowship and good counsel, while being surrounded by problems to the point of frustration and even suicide. There are signs to tell if coven powers are at work in your life.

The first is strange sickness that defies solution, dribbling problems, unusual hatred and rejection, being pressed down or injected in your sleep. Others are seeing lacerations all over your body when you wake up, suffering from cobweb attacks and deterioration of the intelligence level of a child.

Another sign is seeing yourself in the dream transacting in a market, having poverty sponsored dreams, such as picking snails and riding a bicycle. When you do not remember your dream or you are being pursued by animals and you fly in the dream, these are signs of witchcraft attacks.

To overcome these powers, you must be born again, live holy, engage in warfare prayers and renew your covenant with God by sacrifice.

Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
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