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Zahra: 7 year old CEO of two outfits


My name is Zahra Kekere-Ekun, I am 7 years old. Apart from baking, I love to dance; I love gymnastics, arts and crafts. I currently own two businesses – sugar Snap And Sugar Slime. Sugar Snap is subdivided into two: brownies and Cookies. I make all kinds of slime from fluffy slimes, transparent slimes to cloudy and butter slimes.

My entrepreneurial journey was greatly inspired by my mum. She makes cakes, plans parties, amongst other things. I watched her run her business so I took interest in it and decided to set up my own company.

What I like most about being an entrepreneur is creativity. For you to be a successful business owner, you have to be creative. A lot of people are doing the same thing you are doing, so you have to think outside the box all the time to make your product stand out. A lot of kids are sweet-toothed and also love slime, so I decided to do something that will be readily accepted by kids. I also realized that slime is not readily available in Nigeria, so I decided to opt for it.


Social media has been a great platform for me to reach out to a wide range of customers, and so far the response has been great. We make a lot of slimes for party packs and also sell our cookies and brownies through daily orders.

When I ventured into making slimes, I had to ensure that I got it right and that my products were safe and fit to play with so I watched a lot of videos, repeated a lot of steps but I didn’t give up because that is what entrepreneurs do and with a lot of patience, I finally got it right.

As an entrepreneur, the proceeds I get from my business are very important, therefore I use a part of it to purchase the materials I need for production, and I save the rest.

People’s reactions to my products has been really encouraging because people are usually surprised when they find out that a 7 year old owns her own business, and most times, they always want to patronise me because of that. This has been a great source of encouragement to me because it makes me believe that if I can do this at the age 7, I can definitely do more.

I would encourage kids who want to be entrepreneurs to make hay while the sun shines, because being an entrepreneur exposes you to a lot of things. It increases your creativity, intellectuals and understanding about the business world. It helps you to know the value of money and you also learn the art of making and saving money. It also gives you a great feeling when you create products for people and they love them.

How to make fluffy slime:
PVA glue
Contact lens solution
Shaving foam
Food colour of your choice

Method –
Add the contact lens solution to your PVA glue and mix, afterwards add your food colour and finally add shaving foam to the mixture.

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