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Africa traditional marriage

4 Dec 2019
More often than not, when a marriage crashes, the couple point fingers at a certain third party(s) or external influence as the case may be that led to the end of the marriage. If you know a marriage wrecker, you can now have them punished for their actions in a court of law in Botswana.…
31 Aug 2018
African communities are finally paying attention to bride price conversations. The Tiv Area Traditional Council (TATC), Benue State has announced in a statement that they will no longer condone the celebration of certain "alien" activities at the traditional marriages held in their locality. A part of the communique stated that a girl must be at…


50 mins ago
If you are new to makeup, you have probably tried plastering foundation all over your face, making sure that it covers every square inch. While we’re not saying that it is wrong, you will agree that a perfectly smooth look makes a lot of difference. Insert magic trick; contouring. If you look closely at your…
1 hour ago
Think luxury, think Zashadu, one of Nigeria’s top luxury handbag company. Behind the scenes of the famed Zashadu is Zainab Ashadu, the creative founder and director of Zashadu. With influences from architecture, art curation, and fashion styling, she used her knowledge to make bags whose design was inspired by the Glenfiddich Filigree. The Guardian Life…
2 hours ago
It doesn’t take long before one knows that Dr Busola Tejumola’s values and who she is today were shaped by the learnings from her family. Born into a family of an educationist grandmother and her parents, education enthusiasts themselves, the life lessons instilled in her have now shaped her worldview and how she responds to…
3 hours ago
Thomas Mueller says Bayern Munich team-mate Robert Lewandowski must be awarded the Ballon d'Or trophy when the winner is announced on Monday.
3 hours ago
The Federal Government’s newfound zest to float the controversial national carrier, Nigeria Air, next year, has spiked concerns in the industry, in a manner that questions both the feasibility and intent of the high-capital venture.