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Air Conditioner

22 Feb 2020
It is simply because the primary function of a fan is to get available air moving around, and in a situation where the weather is hot, the fan would in turn aerate the available heat. So for fan, it is simply what you see is what you get.
Air conditioner
1 Jan 2020
In recent times, the air conditioner (AC) has moved from being a luxury to becoming a necessity for many of us in our daily lives. From our offices to our cars and every room in our house, we are probably always in AC indoors. However, with so much exposure to AC, there has been a…


30 mins ago
Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky denounced Monday's missile strike on a shopping centre in the central city of Kremenchuk as a "brazen terrorist act", as the death toll rose to 13.Zelensky was speaking after reports
1 hour ago
A homemaker dependent on her husband's income, she agonized for three weeks about what to do, but always came to the same conclusion: "I can't have this child."
1 hour ago
Glamour Girls, an original story produced by the Play Network Studios in the exploration of their lifetime rights to the intellectual property ‘Glamour Girls’ has topped the global charts of the streaming platform Netflix, barely three days after its release.
3 hours ago
Gov. Adegboyega Oyetola of Osun has pledged to restore the lost glory of Modakeke by providing basic infrastructure in the community if re-elected.
3 hours ago
Former Nollywood actress and Real Housewives of Lagos star Carolyna Hutchings has taken to Instagram to clap back at trolls who accused her of falsifying her age. Hutchings had posted a picture celebrating her 35th birthday on Sunday but soon came under fire from many critics who accused her of lying about her age.  …