Thursday, 21st October 2021
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10 Oct
This Unity recognises three human elements. They are Mentality; Attitudes and Sentiments based on a fixated mindset. Allaah summarised these in one ayah
1 Oct
As Nigeria marks its 61st Independence anniversary today, religious organisations in the country have urged Nigerians to seek solace in Allah and thanks Almighty Allah
6 Aug
Islamic groups have raised the need for Ummah to educate their children in Islamic ways. They also called on them to make their children focus on the knowledge of Holy Qur’an
29 Jul
Me No, I am not surprised that we are surprised. I am surprised that you are not surprised that I am not surprised.
26 Mar
The Messenger believed in what was revealed to him from his Lord, and [so have] the believers. All of them have believed in Allah and His angels and His books and His messengers
19 Mar
Ironically, there are some Muslim brothers who treat their wives as their personal estates. They remind you of the Jahiliyyah period in Arabia.
4 Dec 2020
In Arab-Islamic tradition, at least two words are usually made use of as synonyms for gratitude. The first is al-Ḥamd while the second is al-Shukr.
20 Nov 2020
“Verily, I am Allah. There is no god but I: So serve thou Me (only), and establish regular prayer for My remembrance”. (Quran 20: verse 14) Abu Hurayrah says: I heard Allah’s Apostle saying: “If there was a river at the door of anyone of you and he took a bath in it five times…
30 Oct 2020
Muslim faithful from all walks of life, including the Chief Imam of Lagos. Sheik Sulaimon Abou-Nolla yesterday converged on Lagos State Central Mosque to pray for the nation for peaceful coexistence to reign in the country while commemorating the 2020 Maolid Nabbiy celebration. Maoulud Nabbiy is an annual event, which commemorates the birthday of Prophet…
15 May 2020
We have indeed revealed this (Qur’an) in the Night of Majesty…The Night of Majesty is better than a thousand months; Therein come down the angels and the Spirit (Jibril)
10 Jan 2020
Brethren, in my never-ending search for the meaning of life, I am constantly humbled by the reality of my origin. Each time I contemplate my own children
3 Jan 2020
In Islam the observance of Salat is the key to other acts of worship. It is the first act of worship that would be accounted for on the day of resurrection.


3 mins ago
Digiclouts is an innovation in Digital PR which centers on growing an engaging online presence for brands using influencer marketing strategy campaigns. With social media being a major factor in building a successful business in this new age, Digiclouts intend to utilize the influencer’s large audience and significantly distribute it to their clients to boast…
28 mins ago
The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) has confirmed the detonation of explosives by unknown gun men on the Abuja-Kaduna railway Wednesday night. The Managing Director of the corporation, Fidet Okhiria, who confirmed this to The Guardian, said the explosives damaged the rail tracks around Dutse and Rijana in Kaduna. A viral video circulating online shows how…
44 mins ago
American actress Ruby Rose has shared that she was fired from The CW's Batwoman after being seriously injured on set.  The actress who starred as the title superhero character in the show's first season revealed this in a series of Instagram stories. She alleged that the role was recast last year after two herniated discs required her…
1 hour ago
Parliamentarians in Benin have voted to legalise abortion in the West African country, where it was already authorised under restricted conditions. Under the new law, passed late Wednesday, women can terminate a pregnancy within the first three months if it is likely to "aggravate or cause material, educational, professional or moral distress, incompatible with the…
1 hour ago
A former Manager with the Zenith Bank Plc, Dr. Osadebe Osakwe has dragged the publisher of Sahara Reporters Mr. Omoyele Sowore and the Sahara Reporters Media group to a Lagos High Court seeking the sum of N250 million each as damages from the defendants for alleged defamation of character. Dr. Osadebe who is also the…