Tuesday, 16th August 2022
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Alzheimer’s Disease

24 Mar
Exposure to nanoparticles during cooking causes changes to brain activity similar to that observed in early-stage Alzheimer’s disease
23 Nov 2020
Specific fungi in the gut-associated with a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease and found in people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) can be altered in a beneficial manner by eating a modified Mediterranean-ketogenic diet, researchers at Wake Forest School of Medicine have found. The small study was published in the current online edition of the…
19 Mar 2020
The diseases that are associated with an excess of free radicals are all very serious but the prevention of these diseases is as easy as taking 5 to 8 different antioxidants
11 Jun 2019
Scientists have identified two ingredients in the blood of the young that reverse the ageing process, a study suggests.
28 Jul 2018
A former governor of Gombe state, Abubakar Hashidu, is dead. Hashidu died yesterday morning at his home in Gombe after battling Alzheimers disease for some years. He was 74 years old. Hashidu was governor of Gombe state from May 1999 to May 2003. He was elected on the platform of then All Peoples Party (APP).…
17 Apr 2018
Exposure to air pollution increases people's risk of Alzheimer's disease and suicide, new research suggests.Lifelong exposure to fine-air particles raises people's levels of the 'Alzheimer's protein' APOE4, which is associated with rapid-onset dementia...
28 Nov 2017
Children who are fitter have more brainpower, according to new research.
21 Aug 2017
Early life interventions that increase physical activity could help delay onset of neurodegenerative disorders, study in rats suggests.
19 May 2017
Eating roast beef and lamb, popularly called Suya in Nigeria, increases your chances of dying from nine major diseases, according to new research.
2 Mar 2017
Your Life is a sum total of your Mental, Emotional, physical and Spiritual Wellbeing.


14 mins ago
A UN-chartered vessel laden with grain set off from Ukraine for Africa on Tuesday following a deal to relieve a global food crisis, the ministry in charge of shipments said.
34 mins ago
US rapper A$AP Rocky was charged Monday over an alleged shooting in Hollywood last year.
42 mins ago
Republican dissident Liz Cheney looks set to lose her US Congress seat Tuesday to an election-denying conspiracy theorist, in the latest signal of her party's disavowal of traditional conservatism in favour of Donald Trump's hardline "America First" movement.
1 hour ago
….. blames Presidency, security agencies Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, (HURIWA) on Monday, slammed the Federal Government and security agencies over the rising kidnapping and killing of Catholic priests who are now endangered species as they have become soft targets for suspected Fulani bandits who are growing their kidnap-for-ransom business. HURIWA’s National Coordinator, Comrade…
1 hour ago
The Federal Government has said that it would continue to support the Privatisation and commercialisation of critical sectors that pose a huge financial burden to it so as to boost the socio-economic, growth and development of the nation.