Sunday, 28th November 2021
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25 Jul
You are surely aware that Ankara is Africa’s most popular print, and it has fast become designers and fashionistas biggest excuse to go above and beyond, unleashing their creativity and inner glam to create stunning Ankara style pieces. Not only is Ankara part of our traditional style, it has become a part of the new…
7 Mar
You see her in her spectacularly designed Ankara wear and bead necklace, with a unique style of gele around her low-cut, grey hairs and something strikes you: the radiating elegance of a high achiever, dominating in a system traditionally occupied by men. This is Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala—affectionately called NOI—the alluring new Director-General of the World…
26 Sep 2020
Rocking an Ankara outfit to the workplace can be tricky but nothing says you cannot move your slaying and trendsetting game to the workplace. In wearing Ankara to the workplace, you must keep it simple and classy. In this article, we can master your fashion superpowers as we explore ideas for being stylish with African…
11 Jul 2020
The cold nights are here to stay for as long as the rainy season lasts, but the good news is that you can cover up yourself all night long in something exclusive as Ankara duvet
8 Mar 2020
Nigerian men are also making their imprints in the fashion world. They are stepping up their game in this area, by trying to look their best.
19 Jan 2020
If you want to move away from dresses and look effortlessly stylish for that special occasion, Ankara skirts and plain blouse or top is your option.
7 Dec 2019
Toady, Ankara wearing is not only something for the weekends or Sunday service; it has become an item that is worn any and everyday of the week.
2 Nov 2019
We all love Ankara and know the fabric can never go out of style. Not only is it colourful and vibrant, but also it’s very versatile and we can see this in the way it is being creatively used for any and every purpose.
5 Oct 2019
The pedigree of interior designs goes beyond a one-way street space décor, it is a combination of blending elements of visual artworks with custom touches that not only embodies elegance and comfort, but also appeals to your mood and style, whilst depicting your background, history, and ethnicity aesthetically.
1 Sep 2018
Nigerian ladies love to look good and stand out anywhere they go. If you want to pull up the look you desire, then opt for Ankara fabric.
19 May 2018
The bomber jacket trend is becoming a fashion staple for ladies of style who crave to look edgy. Fashion designers are adding a unique touch to it by making Ankara bomber jackets. Some are even adding Ankara fabric with leather to give it a modern look. African prints are the in-thing because they appear in…
24 Dec 2017
It is easy to see why Ankara appeals to everyone. Its colours and designs are just perfect for your fashion idea. When shopping for an Ankara piece, you have to be certain of what exactly you want because you might get confused and buy more than you intended. Ankara has become so common that even…


59 mins ago
Nigeria’s worsening food insecurity, which has pushed the cost of food importation to over $10 billion and has escalated foreign exchange scarcity to a record high, may be significantly doused thanks to a new seeds technology.
1 day ago
Gov. Bello Matawalle of Zamfara has lifted the ban on mobile telecommunication network in the state.
1 day ago
Former President Goodluck Jonathan, has urged Nigerian leaders to value the interest of every section of the country in order to build a united nation devoid of agitation, disunity and disenchantment.
1 day ago
Germany on Saturday confirmed its first two cases of the new Omicron strain of Covid-19, in travellers who arrived at Munich airport from South Africa, regional officials said.
1 day ago
Britain on Saturday announced tougher entry rules for all arriving passengers and the return of a masks mandate, after confirming its first two cases of the new Omicron strain of Covid-19.