Sunday, 5th December 2021
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Bishop Charles Ighele

28 Nov
Parents have different styles and ways of bringing up their children. The styles they adopt, most likely are revised editions of what their own parents used on them.
7 Nov
I had cause to advise a lady who was about to get married sometime ago. It was very easy for me to see that she felt superior to him. How did I know? Through the way she kept criticising...
31 Oct
A certain woman chose and got married to a man because he was rich. She was to marry another man whom she really loved, but because that man was not strong financially, she decided to go for the rich man.
24 Oct
Commitment shows the level of responsibility someone has to a cause, a person or relationship; it shows your loyalty level. It shows your devotion and dedication.
3 Oct
Before there can be reconciliation and peace, you should first of all acknowledge the source of the problem.
12 Sep
In my article in this column, last Sunday, which was titled, “When a woman queries her husband,” I wrote towards the end that I would go to the exclusive WhatsApp page I share with my wife and daughters nicknamed..
28 Aug
No nation develops above its culture. Culture is a very powerful thing. So powerful that it is what determines how we live our lives. Nations and tribes have their own cultures.
23 May
The purpose of marriage is first for companionship before other things. But some people are not seeing it that way.
2 May
The “tank” where eaten food is stored in the body is the stomach. There are, however, other “tanks” such as the “love tank,” which is not physical. The word “love tank” is used by marriage counselors worldwide.
21 Mar
Wisdom demands that people know how to adjust in life. Apostle Paul said he knew how to enjoy when there was abundance, and adjust when there was little.
14 Mar
I have told people who come to me for counselling that there is no such thing as “I did not know.” The truth is that the signs are always there and they will always be there, showing that the person coming your way for marriage is a terrible person.
21 Feb
Sometime ago, I wrote an article in this column titled LIVING WITH A WIFE WHO BEARS MALICE. I am happy about the response I got from readers.


55 mins ago
Seyi Shay’s new album titled “Big Girl” is nothing short of energetic. The album which is a metaphor for the growth that women have to pass through to become who they are is reflective of the artist. In this interview with Guardian Life, she talks about the album’s authenticity, her philanthropic activities, and her role…
2 hours ago
For a generation obsessed with showing minimal emotions in romantic relationships, you’d be surprised that majority of the population are infatuated with the idea of finding love and being somebody’s everything. The only problem is that most people aren’t witty enough to charm their way into the hearts of their love interests using words or…
3 hours ago
On a day that the Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP) terrorists shattered the peace of Borno State with multiple bombings, the Federal Government charged the intelligence community...
3 hours ago
A much-changed AC Milan saw off bottom side Salernitana 2-0 on Saturday to take top spot in Serie A as previous leaders Napoli lost 3-2 to Atalanta, while Inter Milan cruised to victory at Roma.
3 hours ago
Electricity stakeholders in the country, yesterday, insisted that removal of subsidy in the power sector was feasible if the Federal Government and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)