Thursday, 1st December 2022
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26 Jan 2021
Branding - it’s what defines a business and sets it apart from competitors. However, in this era of digital distractions, a catchy name and a nice logo are no longer enough to pique the interest of modern consumers.
30 Mar 2019
Personal branding has fast become a buzz word that we throw around nodding knowingly, but few of us really comprehend its power. Personal branding is described by Influencer Marketing Hub as the image people see of you, it is how you promote yourself and the telling of your story. In essence, it is how you…
13 Aug 2018
This is the last in a three-part series. Branding a nation to greatness involves the successful branding of what I have identified as the 3 Ps. These are People, Places and Products. We must brand ourselves as a people, our cities by way of destination branding, and our products as proudly Nigerian brands.
31 Jul 2018
This s the first of a three-part article. Branding a nation to greatness involves the successful branding of what I have identified as the 3 Ps. These are People, Places and Products. What this basically entails is the application of the branding process to our identity as a people, our cities by way of destination…
31 Oct 2017
The truth is simply that your advertising may not make sense if there is no unique benefit about your brand to communicate.
19 Sep 2017
The result is that our governments are always trying to copy what others have done, the few times they try to do anything tangible.
22 Aug 2017
We must take the first modest step and start moving in the right direction. And if the impatient tell you “I’m not here to sell groundnuts” remind them that if you brand your groundnuts, you’ll earn much more than peanuts.
22 Aug 2017
Many PR experts describe this as ‘humanizing your brand’. This involves telling audiences about your brand essence, its backstory, and its overall mission with a view to building an atmosphere of trust.
1 Aug 2017
And you know what? In spite of the corruption and ineptitude of our leaders, I am not aware that they have stopped any youth from creating new products for the Nigerian market.
1 Aug 2017
Managing Director of Integrated Indigo, Bolaji Abimbola, has called on agencies and clients to shun unhealthy rivalries and work together for the development of marketing communications in Nigeria.
23 May 2017
If you’re a public-facing brand, it’s most likely you’ll answer in the affirmative. You’re not alone, many brands see this happen but very few are prepared to respond effectively.
3 Mar 2017
It’s hard to build a name for yourself when you’re a new brand. There’s always the catch-22 of needing a foundation of customers to develop credibility, but needing credibility to attract new customers.


1 hour ago
Renewed investors’ appetite in the shares of MTN Nigeria (MTNN) and 20 stocks aided the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) to stage a rebound in the last trading session of the month of November as capitalisation increased by N183 billion.
1 hour ago
As scarcity of the premium motor spirit (PMS), popularly called petrol, continues to spread across many states in the country, as a result of drop in supply by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited
1 hour ago
Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC) has said it is championing moves to ensure its enabling Act is reviewed by the National Assembly (NASS).
1 hour ago
Webb Fontaine has set up a cargo tracking system for use by the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) in Apapa port, Lagos, to monitor containers and prevent diversions from specified movement itineraries as well as loss and theft of cargo.
1 hour ago
The Chief Financial Officer of APM Terminal Nigeria, Courage Obadagbonyi, has said Nigeria has to find creative ways to unleash private sector participation in port rehabilitation and development instead of depending on government funding through borrowing.