Thursday, 9th December 2021
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6 Feb
Pressure is growing on the head of the EU's border patrol agency after new accusations of abuses that were deemed "very worrying" by Brussels.
31 Jan
Police in the Belgian capital said Sunday they have detained scores of people in a bid to prevent two banned demonstrations
10 Oct 2020
EU commissioner Mariya Gabriel has tested positive for Covid-19, she said Saturday, the first top Brussels official known to have caught the coronavirus.
12 Jul 2020
One favours Washington, the other Brussels and they differ on a controversial reform of the judiciary: the two candidates in Poland's presidential election
24 Jan 2020
Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday hailed "a new chapter" in Britain's history as he signed its divorce deal with the EU, clearing another hurdle ahead of the country's departure
28 May 2019
European leaders descended on Brussels on Tuesday to begin the hunt for a new generation of top EU officials in the wake of elections that shook up traditional alliances.
17 May 2019
Next week's European parliamentary election will set the scene for a summer-long political battle over Brussels' most powerful posts, with Germany and France at loggerheads over who takes the top spot.
8 May 2019
Foreign policy is an important arm of national policies because it goes a long way to either reinforce or diminish the sovereignty of a country. Doubtless, it shapes outsiders’ perception and reckoning of the country, which deploys its foreign policy tools on the basis of specific national objectives. Currently, Nigeria’s foreign policy seems to be…
24 Feb 2019
Five Polish opposition parties on Sunday unveiled a coalition to fight the European elections in May, accusing the ruling conservatives of seeking an exit from the European Union. "We will make it impossible for anyone to take Poland out of the European Union," said a statement by the main opposition Civic Platform (PO); the Polish…
17 Feb 2019
Iran's foreign minister on Sunday launched a blistering attack on US Vice President Mike Pence, saying his allegations that Tehran was plotting a "new Holocaust" were "hateful" and "ignorant". Mohammad Javad Zarif told the Munich Security Conference that Pence's demands for the EU to follow the US in abandoning the 2015 Iran nuclear deal amounted…
16 Jan 2019
British lawmakers voted overwhelmingly yesterday evening to reject the European Union (EU) divorce deal struck between London and Brussels, in a historic vote that leaves Brexit hanging in the balance.
21 Jun 2017
Belgian security forces have identified the man who set off an explosion at one of Brussels' busiest train stations before he was shot and killed, in the latest attack to hit Europe, authorities said Wednesday.


Former international, Duke Udi, has expressed excitement with the confirmation of the 2021/22 Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) kickoff date. The league is expected to begin on December 17.
4 mins ago
Three-handicapper, Peter Eben-Spiff, last Sunday, upturned an eight-stroke deficit from the opening round of the Sixth Lakowe Lakes Golf Club’s ‘Club Championship’ to win the event for the third straight edition.
9 mins ago
In war, it is often said, truth is the first casualty. It can be observed that it is the same in a situation of near war, when chaos and confusion sweep through the land.
10 mins ago
Learn Africa Plc (formerly Longman Nigeria Plc) has recorded a turnover of N2.39 billion for the year ended March 31, 2021, a decrease of 16 per cent from $2.87 billion posted last year. The company also posted a profit before tax (PBT) of N282.08 million and an operating profit of N161.08 million. Hence, the board…
23 mins ago
The Founder of Enjoy Nigeria Expo, Isa Yusuf Sago, said the country could earn over N1 billion revenue yearly from Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs), especially in creative, cultural..