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19 Mar 2020
In a country where it is generally believed that some professions are more lucrative and beneficial than some others, students have been advised to follow their interest
16 Jan 2020
Youths are filled with limitless optimism; the feeling that you can achieve anything, be anybody if you try hard, if you look hard enough you can find something redeeming in even the worst of situation. However, some questions constantly come as a nagging thought; so many what-ifs that can turn your world upside down. What…
5 Oct 2019
Last weekend, over 3000 creatives, entrepreneurs and guests attended SLAY Festival 2019, the largest learning and networking experience for young professionals in Lagos, Nigeria.
25 Jul 2019
Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao have been trading blows on social media, with the Filipino raising the possibility of a rematch, but the unbeaten American has shut down the prospect of a fight, reports
13 Jul 2019
With his eyes set on making Nigerian graduates and professionals compete favourably in the global job market, Chief Executive Officer of Almond Group of Companies, Henry Ifeanyi Mbadiwe, is reinventing the careers of many through his training outfit, Almond Careers.
1 Jun 2019
Guardian Woman celebrates Mrs Priscilla Ekwueme Eleje, the first woman to append her signature on Nigeria’s banknotes, as she is appointed the Director of Currency and Operations of the Central Bank of Nigeria
20 May 2019
Popular award-winning Nollywood actress, Ini Edo is taking a walk down memory to reflect on her journey in the film industry so far. The dark-skinned screen diva shared a video of old film she starred in and said she never thought she would come this far as she only followed her passion. Sharing the video, the…
17 May 2019
A job interview isn’t only about selling yourself and proving you’re the right person for the position. It’s also about determining whether the role and the company is also right for you. Here are some questions you should ask during an interview and why you should ask them. “How would you define success in this…
13 Jan 2019
“Don’t act thoughtlessly, but understand what the Lord wants you to do.” (Ephesians 5:17 NLT) Every day, I talk to people who say, “If there is a God and He allowed me to be born and I’m still alive, what is His plan for me? Why am I here, and what am I supposed to…
13 Jan 2019
Text: Matthew26: 24, Jeremiah 1:5 There is a divine script written concerning everyone and it is your responsibility to find out yours and act it out. Acts 9:14 -16. There is Divine Calling And Career Calling.    Your Career is to compliment your divine calling. You are to hold your career calling with left hand and your divine calling with the…
5 Jan 2019
Early on in your career you excitedly join the world of work with bated breath, dizzying expectations and hopeful dreams. Many young people anticipate...
29 Dec 2018
“Hello this is your pilot speaking, welcome aboard Flight SA60 to…” Those may just be the sweetest words spoken in the English language. Perhaps it’s my love of travelling, the exhilarating feeling of seeing an unknown city’s lights twinkle beneath you before landing. Or it’s the random intense conversation with the passenger besides you as…


19 mins ago
Austrian company Doppelmayr is well known for making gondolas for ski resorts, but its workshop is increasingly building cable cars for congested cities as climate change has opened up new markets.
31 mins ago
President Joe Biden on Saturday blamed "a small group of extreme Republicans" for a budget impasse that has placed the US government a week away from a shutdown, urging the lawmakers to resolve the issue.
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50 mins ago
Northern Nigerian cuisine is a treasure trove of unique and flavourful dishes that often remain undiscovered by the wider world. While some dishes such as Jollof rice and Suya are well-known, there are countless others that are equally delicious, but lesser-known. In this culinary exploration, we'll introduce you to two unpopular, but incredibly tasty northern…
1 hour ago
The federal government has said that it has embarked on key reforms towards ensuring that Nigeria's international passport regains it's pride through key reforms through reduce identity theft and transparency in passport processing.