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5 Tips For Setting Balanced Career Goals In A New Year

5 Tips For Setting Balanced Career Goals In A New Year

The New Year is always a time of new beginnings, a time for a change, and a time to set goals. So naturally, it is expected to set new career goals and make some important career changes if need be.

In fact, January is believed to be the busiest job searching month of the year. Many people look forward to changing career paths and aiming for bigger dreams.


Here are some tips for setting career goals in a new year according to the balance career:

Reflect on Your Year
Take some time to consider your career in the year that just ended. If you dislike your job, try to figure out why. Is it due to the work itself, or something about the workplace, such as a poor relationship with your manager, lack of growth opportunity for you, or a poor organizational structure? If you like what you do, and it’s outside factors that you find limiting, it might make sense to make your goal to find a new position. The same holds true if you feel positive about your field, but are ready for more significant responsibilities. Spend some time assessing what you like and dislike about your current situation. This is also an excellent time to reflect on where you see yourself in several years, from a career standpoint.

Engage in Career Research
The more you learn, the easier it will be to make decisions and set goals for yourself. Start to read about careers of interest by browsing websites or publications at your local bookstore or library. Identify two new careers to research each week, and keep a diary of your interest in each. Measure the careers against your preferred skills list. For those fields with a genuine appeal, compile a list of questions to research so that you can fully appraise the suitability of that career for you. If your goal is a new job in the upcoming year, research companies in your industry, and spend some time doing research on salaries as well.

Check Out What Your Friends Do
Activate your curiosity about the work lives of friends and people in your social network. Think about the roles of colleagues, suppliers, or clients that might be a good fit for you, and interview them about the nature of their work. Share your skills list with them, and ask for help brainstorming career options that might be worth considering within their sector.

Gain New Skills
If you want to pivot to a new career, consider volunteering to gain additional experience, or taking classes to learn new skills. Always be ready to learn and aim to be better.

Be Better
If you are totally in love with what you do, aim higher, and strive to be better. There are no heights that cannot be reached, so read more, keep an open mind, and be ready to learn. The year is young and so are your dreams.

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