Saturday, 1st April 2023
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Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

26 Jul 2019
The Nasrul lahi l Fatih Society (NASFAT) felicitates with a political and journalism icon, Alhaji Lateef Kayode Jakande who turned 90.
17 Jul 2019
Olusegun Osoba, reporter, editor, politician and now statesman at 80, deserves all the encomiums he’s being getting this week.
2 Jul 2019
Forget all the fine words about Mungo Park discovering the River Niger. What urgently needs to be discovered is the country called Nigeria...
28 Jun 2019
The Macpherson Constitution of 1951 sought to homogenise Nigeria on a unitarist route oriented the Nigeria nationalists movement towards building a civic nationhood. They were not thinking in terms of ethno-nationalist terms, they wanted a Nigeria for all. This was dealt a fatal blow by the 1953 Constitutional Conference in London which railroaded Nigeria towards…
20 Jun 2019
Only one ruler of Egypt since the country became a republic in 1953 died a normal death. None has retired in peace. On Monday June 17, deposed...
17 May 2019
On September 13, 1919 was born a great man of letters, a consummate and dedicated Administrator, a dye in the wood...
5 May 2019
I don’t believe there is any spell working against Afenifere. People get whatever they work for. What happened is that we have had some disloyal...
26 Apr 2019
Chief Obafemi Awolowo, premier of the Western Region, introduced free primary education in the region on January 17, 1955. He threw the doors of education wide open to his people. They flocked in. Poor parents could not miss the opportunity to give their children a better future for free. By 1962, primary school enrolment in…
24 Apr 2019
In the mid-eighties, I took an avid interest in the so-called North –South dialogue when the world, a little sensible at the time...
17 Apr 2019
This year’s Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebration a couple of months ago triggered discussions of sad memories of our tortuous journey through military incursion into politics, which consequences were also felt in the just concluded general elections. Specifically, at press time, a committee was still sitting on alleged undemocratic role the armed forces (and police)…
22 Mar 2019
There has been for some time in this country, a contrived but absolutely needless Arts versus Science controversy, including a distracting comparison...
19 Mar 2019
Come October 31 this year, television broadcast in Africa will be 60 years old, following the official commissioning of the Western Nigeria...


1 hour ago
Policing the "city that never sleeps" is no easy task even on a typical day -- so New York law enforcement agencies are taking no chances ahead of Donald Trump's high-profile court appearance next week, bracing for protests for and against the first indictment ever of a former US president.
1 hour ago
Iranian authorities ordered the arrest of two women, the judiciary said Saturday, after a viral video appeared to show them being attacked by a man for not wearing the hijab.
1 hour ago
President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the amendment of the 2022/2023 Deep Offshore oil block mini-bid process to accommodate concerns raised by potential local and international investors.
2 hours ago
The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), has donated therapeutic diets to lactating and expectant mothers (pregnant women) in Bayelsa
2 hours ago
Manchester City coped without the injured Erling Haaland to keep the Premier League title race alive by coming from behind to thrash Liverpool 4-1 on Saturday.