Saturday, 26th November 2022
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13 Aug 2020
Here are two lifeboats adrift the sea to nowhere. The first boat is rickety, yet packaged to the brim. Without a real captain in the saddle, a committee of mediocre sees to its affairs
9 Aug 2020
In the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit came only on selected few. But the Old Testament looked forward to an era of the Spirit, when the Spirit of God would come and indwell those who believe in Him.
26 Jul 2020
Holiness is not a doctrine in the real sense of it; rather it is the life a Christian should live all the days of his life on earth. When holiness is treated as a doctrine
26 Jul 2020
Brethren, we are in the very end time, and the situation is getting worse, with everybody getting into the sin of idolatry. One thing or another has occupied the people’s hearts
12 Jul 2020
Istanbul's iconic Hagia Sophia is to reopen for Muslim worship as a mosque after an almost nine-decade hiatus, in the latest historic tussle with Christianity
5 Jul 2020
Absolute surrender depicts complete and unreserved yielding to the Almighty God. It is a total show of submissiveness to God. This is the height of a Christian commitment
29 Jun 2020
My nostalgia for Okeho, the place of my birth (as distinct from Aawe, my hometown), was re-awakened recently due to a range of concerns.
28 Jun 2020
Jesus Christ is the only wise God. He is all knowing God. He knows the destructive tendencies of false prophets, hence, the warning to all believers to beware of them.
28 Jun 2020
The Christian cannot be lawless, under the pretext that he is not a full citizen of the kingdom of this world.
25 Jun 2020
One of the earliest objections we encountered from our opponents when we entered the organized Marxist political activism in the early post-Civil War years was the one built around the thesis that Marxism...
16 Jun 2020
President Muhammadu Buhari has kept his promise to give a new level of historical relevance to June 12 by making it the new Democracy Day.
5 Jun 2020
Greek Orthodox Church has strongly frowned upon the use of yoga to combat quarantine stress, calling it "absolutely incompatible" with Christian faith. The Standing Holy Synod of the Church of Greece made up of the patriarch and senior bishops on Wednesday announced that yoga had "no place in the lives of Christians", as it is…


30 mins ago
Lionel Messi helped keep Argentina's World Cup bid alive with the first goal in a 2-0 victory over Mexico on Saturday.
4 hours ago
The maiden edition of an initiative tagged, ‘Book Reading & Good Vibes’ targeted at promoting book writing and reading took place on Thursday in Abuja. The event was organized by an Abuja-based publishing company, in partnership with other Bookstores – a leading book retail chain, and iCentra Learning – a top professional capacity development company…
4 hours ago
If the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) takes power next year, there will no longer be a hiding place for oil thieves and their accomplices, no matter how highly placed they are in the country. This was the pledge of the PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, on Saturday in Lagos when he interacted with a broad…
6 hours ago
London's transport system is not allowing advertising that "portrays Qatar as a desirable destination" or encourages people to attend the World Cup, under a 2019 policy response to LGBTQ laws there. The stance by Transport for London (TfL) has reportedly angered Doha during its hosting of the football tournament, with the Financial Times reporting Saturday…
7 hours ago
Robert Lewandowski, one of the most prolific strikers in club football, finally got the first World Cup goal of his career when he netted against Saudi Arabia on Saturday.