Monday, 3rd October 2022
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22 Mar
Interpersonal conflicts and uncivil behaviour, such as bullying and harassment, are remarkably common in the workplace. The persistence of such serious incidents highlights that ‘workplace incivility...
6 Nov 2021
I was born as the first fruit to a learned middle-class family in Enugu. My parents named me Ifeyinwa - literally translated, ‘nothing like a child’.
21 Jul 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a spotlight on technology as an enabler of work with many organisations turning to its use for flexible and remote working. The circumstances have also revealed other issues such as productivity, work life balance, workforce....
15 Jun 2017
The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) has said a better pay package would boost employee effectiveness and raise productivity.
30 May 2017
The Charted Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) has said that workers take home pay goes a long way in boosting employee effectiveness and productivity, as well as a critical factor to the growth of any organisation.
16 May 2017
The welfare of employees at the workplace has been described as critical to the growth of any organisation and the productivity of its workforce.
27 Apr 2017
A new report by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) has revealed that Gig economy would boost the income of no fewer than 1.3 million workers even as it predicted that thousands of unemployed persons could miss out on employment opportunities.
17 Nov 2016
A new report by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) has revealed that employers are taking a reactive approach to employees’ mental health issues, when preventative steps make better business sense.
25 Oct 2016
No fewer than seven out of every 10 women in workplace still suffer discrimination globally, a new report conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD) has revealed.
18 Oct 2016
A new report by the Chartered Institute of Personel Development (CIPD) has said creating and promoting high quality of vocational pathways will boost employee effectiveness and also raise productivity.
27 Sep 2016
The need to bridg the gap between education and work has been described as a critical factor to the growth of any organisation. A report by the Charted Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD)....
23 Aug 2016
Business leaders have been urged to invest in skills to protect the future of their businesses, as some migrant workers may already be considering leaving the United Kingdom,


13 mins ago
At least seven people in Haiti have died from cholera, authorities said Sunday, raising fresh fears of a resurgent epidemic in the crisis-wracked Caribbean nation.
18 mins ago
The United States will help Taiwan "develop the capability to defend itself" from a Chinese invasion, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on Sunday, stopping short of President Joe Biden's vow to send troops to the island.
22 mins ago
Burkina Faso's junta leader agreed to step down on Sunday, religious and community leaders said, two days after army officers announced his ouster in a coup that sparked internal unrest and international condemnation.
29 mins ago
President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden head to storm-ravaged Puerto Rico on Monday, in a bid to show solidarity with a US territory whose people have complained of neglect after past natural disasters.
1 hour ago
Drum roll, because it’s that time of the year again. And yes, we are referring to our beloved country, Nigeria’s Independence Day. While the day is widely known for celebrating the years since we gained freedom from colonial masters (62 to be precise), it’s also an opportunity for you to worry less about what colour…