Wednesday, 8th December 2021
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28 Jan
So many things hold memory for different people, from items of clothing to shoes and so much more. However, the more you keep things, the more clustered your space is. There are so many items you have kept in your closet for so long without using them. To make things easier for you, you should…
28 Mar 2020
Inside The Water Closet • Pour three caps of bleach inside the nook and cranny of the closet. • Add a disinfecting toilet cleaner cover for 15 minutes. • Use your brush to scrub all the corners and flush. • Boil water in a kettle and pour inside the closet, then add anti-bacterial or antiseptic…


5 mins ago
The Omicron variant appears to be no worse than other coronavirus strains, top scientists from the WHO and the United States told AFP while cautioning that more research is needed to judge its severity.
12 mins ago
Armed gunmen ambushed a vehicle of 21 passengers traveling from Sabon Birni Local Government Area in Sokoto State on Monday. Some of the passengers including children who were traveling from the town of Sabon Birni to the town of Isa near the Nigerian border with Niger were then burnt to death. Police spokesperson Sanusi Abubakar…
21 mins ago
China's Twitter-like social media platform Weibo fell during its debut on the Hong Kong stock exchange Wednesday as investors remain wary of tech during Beijing's crackdown on the sector.
23 mins ago
Baskets upon baskets of luscious-looking tomato seeds gathered from the farms. 70 youths who were part of the Oyo Hub of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Agrihub Nigeria, launched in August 2021, were excited as they harvested their crops. “We are almost finished with this cycle of harvest,” a delighted Waheed Oni, Agrihub…
1 hour ago
It’s the end of the year again, and it usually is a time to reflect and re-strategize but also to rewind. Infinix has a lineup of devices that amplify users’ entertainment experiences, so trust them to pull off the best fan party ever. As a loyal and dedicated fan of the brand, you are invited…