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Dilma Rousseff

23 Aug 2016
Brazil's suspended president Dilma Rousseff enters her final battle to win back power on Thursday, when senators open an impeachment trial expected to remove her from office for good.
18 Aug 2016
Rousseff was suspended from office in May over accusations that she fiddled with state accounts to make the numbers look better in an election year.
10 Aug 2016
Brazil's Senate voted early Wednesday to hold an impeachment trial for the nation's suspended president Dilma Rousseff, a process that could see her permanently removed from office.
9 Aug 2016
Brazil's Senate opened debate Tuesday ahead of a vote on sending suspended president Dilma Rousseff to an impeachment trial, bringing the Olympic host country's political crisis to a climax.
4 Aug 2016
A Brazilian Senate committee voted Thursday to recommend the full upper house remove suspended president Dilma Rousseff from office in an impeachment trial, sending the nation's political drama into its end game.
4 Aug 2016
Brazil's presidential impeachment drama enters its end game Thursday when a Senate committee will vote whether to recommend removing elected president Dilma Rousseff's from office.
3 Aug 2016
Brazil's long-running presidential impeachment drama starts to crescendo toward the finale this week just as the Rio Olympics sprints out of the starting blocks.
2 Aug 2016
In Brazil, the suspended president Dilma Rousseff has told the BBC she will write an open letter to senators in support of bringing forward general elections if she is allowed to return to office ...
29 Jul 2016
Former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will stand trial on charges that he attempted to obstruct a giant corruption probe at Petrobras oil company, officials said Friday.
6 Jul 2016
Brazil's suspended president Dilma Rousseff said she will not appear in person at a hearing Wednesday of a commission handling impeachment proceedings against her, but will defend herself in writing.
30 Jun 2016
Dilma Rousseff is getting a little help from her friends.
15 Jun 2016
Brazil's suspended president Dilma Rousseff said Tuesday she is negotiating a political deal to escape impeachment and wants new elections to decide whether she can finish her term.


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It is no news that social media directly affects our state of mind. Vinton Cerf and Robert Khan who are credited with inventing the Internet probably never considered the psychological impact of their invention. Martin Cooper, who developed the first hand-held phone, also played a part in this by making phones portable, so that we…
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Son Heung-min's double earned Tottenham a point from a pulsating 2-2 draw against Arsenal, as Liverpool moved into second in the Premier League with a 3-1 win over West Ham on Sunday.
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Tottenham came from behind twice to rescue a pulsating 2-2 draw against Arsenal thanks to Son Heung-min's double in Sunday's north London derby.
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In the heart of Nigeria, among the rolling hills and vibrant communities of the Igbo people, lies a treasure trove of textile artistry that has woven its way through generations, preserving culture, history and creativity. Igbo textile works stand as a testament to the indomitable spirit of a people deeply rooted in tradition yet open…
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Real Madrid forward Vinicius Junior was ruled out of the derby clash against Atletico Madrid on Sunday just hours before the match in La Liga.