Monday, 25th October 2021
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11 Jan
Experts have said that using quality pillows during sleep helps proper spine alignment and prevent aches and pains that can be detrimental to physical and mental wellbeing. These were the submission of Dr. Onigbinde Ayodele Teslim, National President, National Association of Orthopaedic Manual Therapists (NAOMT), and Dr Nnenna Chigbo, PT. President, Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy…
6 Oct 2020
The World Health Organization warned European countries Tuesday about "pandemic fatigue" which it says threatens the continent's ability to tackle the coronavirus.
8 Sep 2020
Heart failure — this dire-sounding term often brings to mind a heart that has beat its last. Not so. Heart failure means that the heart isn’t able to pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs. Common effects of heart failure include fatigue, shortness of breath, and swelling in the legs. Many people are surprised…
Tired African man
23 Jun 2020
Simply put, fatigue is the feeling of being tired. It is generally different from the sleepy feeling of drowsiness, or the psychological feeling of apathy, although these might both accompany the fatigue. It’s common for people to become tired or even fatigued in our fast-paced modern world. Tiredness can negatively impact performance at work, family life, and…
14 Sep 2019
While we all talk about shunning mediocrity and excelling through hard work, people forget that charity begins at home, meaning, the first and last workplace for anyone in the home.
2 Sep 2019
nxiety, mood swing, reduced energy, fatigue, significant apathy to and diminished interests in activities, feelings of guilt, worthlessness, hopelessness, marked changes in appetite, sleep pattern and poor self-concept, all of these are symptoms of depression and were clearly exhibited by Betty, the subject in the previous article. These symptoms, remain, by clinical standard, the criteria for diagnosing clinical depression in persons.
1 Jul 2017
But if it does not get better or you also have fatigue, weight loss, or back pain, have it checked out. Constant bloating in women may be a sign of ovarian cancer. Your doctor can do a pelvic exam to look for the cause.


An FCT High Court sitting at Apo has discharged the former Director-General of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Dr Mounir Gwarzo, from the offence of conferring unfair and corrupt advantage on himself.
45 mins ago
The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has reported 165 new infections and 26 additional deaths from the coronavirus pandemic on Sunday.
56 mins ago
Colombia's government announced Sunday it is working towards extraditing the country's most-wanted drug trafficker "Otoniel" to the United States, a day after he was captured in a major operation in the jungle.
1 hour ago
An avalanche Sunday on a snow-capped Ecuadoran volcano, the highest peak in the country, killed at least three climbers and left three others missing, officials reported. The avalanche struck a group of 16 mountaineers while at an altitude of 6,100 meters (20,000 feet) on the dormant Chimborazo volcano, according to responders. "There are three missing…
1 hour ago
The National Universities Commission (NUC) has picked six federal universities for the Sustainable Procurement, Environmental and Social Standards Enhancement (SPESSE) Project.