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21 Mar
This is a revised and updated version of the tribute I paid the subject five years ago, on March 21, 2017, when she became 70 years old.
23 Mar 2021
Nigerian Feminist Forum (NFF) has urged Nigeria to develop a robust legal framework to promote and increase women's participation in leadership and decision-making processes.
16 Aug 2020
Ifeoma Okoye is a writer, who has won literary awards such as, African Regional Winner, Commonwealth Short Story Competition, for Waiting for a Son
10 May 2020
With the evolution of the third wave feminism and the goal of breaking the glass ceiling built by patriarchy, there is a common verbal backlash by many modern-day feminists — calling men scum. This saying ‘Men Are Scum’ has inundated the social media space especially, and this is one reason men claim causes them to…
14 Dec 2019
Sierra-Leonean activist and social entrepreneur, Moiyattu Banya-Keister is keen about impacting African women and girls. She does this actively through several initiatives
1 Dec 2019
There is no doubt that Chimamanda Adichie has influenced millions of people around the world. Incredibly gifted and opinionated, the Nigerian novelist’s influence transcends literature. From being featured on Beyonce’s Grammy-nominated album, Lemonade to having one of her novels Half Of A Yellow Sun being adapted into a film in 2013 and now recognised as…
30 Mar 2018
A little over two years ago, I wrote a short article on the fallacy of feminism; I never thought I would ever have the need to write a sequel. However, recent developments have made me decide otherwise.
24 Mar 2018
Feminism has always been a sensitive topic. When you ask someone why they feel that everyone is not equal, they may talk about how they were not created the same and mention the roles accorded to different genders. By whom? "We spend too much time teaching girls to worry about what boys think of them.…
27 Aug 2016
I am the only girl of my parents’ four children. However, I have never been treated differently from my brothers. Growing up, my parents invested the same (and sometimes more) resources in my education and development.


2 mins ago
GRAFIL Medical Limited is a subsidiary of Grafil Group and distributors of medical and laboratory equipment in Nigeria such as diagnostics and laboratory equipment, endoscopic equipment, intensive care unit equipment, general medical equipment. Apart from being one of the leading and dependable firms in the nation’s medical equipment subsector, the company prides itself as one…
6 mins ago
JNC International Limited (JNCI) is a proudly Nigerian turnkey medical equipment services and solutions company with a long-term partnership focus on improving both clinical diagnostic and interventional capabilities,...
11 mins ago
Government has restored it following observation that the removal has undermined the peace and cohesion as well as triggered mutual distrust among the many ethnic nationalities in the country thereby hindering national development.
14 mins ago
Paucity of fund, layback attitude and recruitment of unqualified staff have been identified as some of the factors responsible for the unpalatable state of Nigerian embassies and consulates abroad.
17 mins ago
Some of the steps taken by the recently appointed Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP), General Barry T. Ndiomu, have continued to excite Nigerians, especially those from the South-South Geo-political Zone of the country.