Monday, 3rd October 2022
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Francis Akin-John

15 Apr 2018
With recent happenings all over the world, which tend to portray the devil as having the upper hand in world affairs, some people are beginning to wonder whether serving God...
11 Jun 2017
Wrong motives of being a minister and being in the ministry are: Seeking fame, financial lucre, respect and honour, self-importance and self-worth or to prove a point to others.
4 Jun 2017
First and foremost, you cannot become an effective minister, if God did not make you one. And if God did not make you, you can’t make anybody. The making of God is a process, not a programme.
28 May 2017
A true shepherd is close to his sheep and will not distance himself from them and their needs. He knows them well. He is close enough to notice the wolf circling the frightened flock. His voice calms the sheep.
21 May 2017
The pastoral gift and calling is one of the most important gifts to the health of the Church. Pastoral calling is crucial to the perpetuation of the gospel in the world.
14 May 2017
Pastors after God’s heart have availed themselves of the power of the Holy Spirit to bring change, transformation to lives, families and society. Their lives are open channel for the Holy Spirit to flow through.
7 May 2017
The kingdom of God has always prospered and expanded truthfully, whenever God sees men after His own heart. Men and women after God’s heart are the key to glorious days of God’s power and victory...
30 Apr 2017
Jesus has been dethroned from His Church. Today, it is man and not Jesus that is being lifted up in most of our churches. Christians in churches can defend and die for our G.Os, but cannot do same for Jesus.
23 Apr 2017
Becoming a pastor is no longer by God’s calling, but promotion and appointment by the church. It started in the middle 80s, when churches that wanted to expand by all means began to appoint, ordain every Ade, Ada and Adamu into pastoral positions.
16 Apr 2017
Did you need to go to that expensive restaurant on the church’s dime? Was that shiny new gadget the best way to invest God’s money? Mishandling the church’s money doesn’t just apply to pastors...
9 Apr 2017
Jesus is perfect. You aren’t. Let us see your humanity. Share your mistakes with us. It gives us hope to know that even the pastor doesn’t always get it right. It also gives us the courage to be honest about our faults, too.
2 Apr 2017
Church leaders need to lead the way in giving their time, talents and treasures to the work of God. Followers of Christ aren’t likely to sacrifice any more than their spiritual leaders do.


9 mins ago
Investigations have revealed that over 8,000 stranded overtime cargoes, valued at about N3 trillion, are currently littering the country’s three major seaports – Apapa, Tin Can and Onne – with little or no effort made to find a lasting solution to the nuisance caused by the scraps.
12 mins ago
After another fence-mending session at the weekend between presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, who has remained estranged since the party concluded its convention in May...
15 mins ago
It was not cheery news on the trading floor of the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX), as activities on the stock market took a negative turn last Tuesday following the increase of the Monetary Policy Rate (MPR) for the third consecutive time to stabilise prices.
24 mins ago
Faced with the grim reality of a world in which up to 163 million poor people now live in cities and urban areas - without income, decent housing and access basic services, governments around the globe are today pausing to marshal forces against the growing plague called urbanisation.
28 mins ago
Acting Federal Controller of Works in Anambra State, Seyi Martins, has promised that the second Niger Bridge will be ready for use by December this year to ease movement into the South East.