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27 Sep 2022
Every one of us has attempted to lose weight at some point in our lives, and we are all aware that it is not as simple as social media would have us believe. To ensure that our bodies receive the nutrition they require, one must be mindful of the meals that they consume. Fruits are…
17 Aug 2022
An omnichannel retailer, FoodCo, has reaffirmed its commitment to consumer support, even as it announced the launch of a new outlet in Ikoyi, Lagos.
28 May 2022
Container and vertical gardens are two fantastic ways to manage to have your favourite fruits, vegetables and herbs in a small space and yield produce as if you had a large space.
11 Jan 2022
When we buy fruits, the first thing we do before eating them is to wash them. This healthy approach is common to many and not just with fruits but other food items. But when it comes to the regular pattern of washing fruits before consumption, did you know that there is a plus side to…
19 Jul 2021
Participants in a large-scale study who more commonly consumed a Southern-style diet - high in added fats, fried foods, processed meats, and sugary drinks - had a higher risk of sudden cardiac death
18 Apr 2021
The habit of eating fruits frequently can help to keep the body system normalised and healthy. Nutritionists report that certain fruits can help enhance the wellbeing of hormones in the human body, which in turn, caters to some organs. This includes the heart, eyes, liver and kidney, amongst others. The vagina is not left out.…
15 Feb 2021
When it comes to skincare, there are lots of lotions and potions to try and many you must have tried. Sometimes, though, the key to beautiful, clear, blemish-free skin is treating the problem from the inside out. For treating your skin inside out, smoothies are key. Smoothies are easy to prepare yourself, but you can…
Best Fruits
17 Dec 2020
A fruit a day can help you to keep the doctor away and this is why it is essential to include fruits in your diet to¬†help the body ward off illnesses and diseases. The fruits listed below are the best to include in your diet for optimal health according to Healthline. Apples You have most…
24 Sep 2020
Scientists have made giant strides in the search for natural cures for Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). They found that bromelain-rich pineapple stem represents a viable option as an antiviral for treating not only COVID-19 but also potential future outbreaks of other coronaviruses. Scientists have also confirmed the efficacy of Aloe vera, pineapple, Sansevieria masoniana cream on…
A nurse taking the blood pressure of a patient
4 Aug 2020
Findings from a new study suggest that inadequate consumption of fruits and vegetables may be a major factor in heart disease death.
15 Jul 2020
A new United Nations survey has found fruits, vegetables as well as dairy and protein foods as most expensive, even as it revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic could push 130 million more persons into chronic hunger by the end of this year across the globe.
17 May 2020
Vegetables and fruits serve as healthy agents that help to keep the body fit. Vegetables and fruits consist of nutrients that have healthy benefits suiting for the body. All vegetables and fruits are a good source of vitamins. However, everything that has an advantage also has a disadvantage, and fruits and vegetables are no exception.…


3 mins ago
The Association of Meter Manufacturers of Nigeria (AMMON) has come out to put their weight behind, and seek support for the Minister of Power, Adebayo Adelabu. The Association in a joint statement signed by its President Engr. Ademola Agoro and Secretary, Engr. Duro Omogbenigun said Adelabu demonstrated knowledge of the sector and evidence of carefully…
47 mins ago
Victor Osimhen on Wednesday night shut his critics up by scoring a goal to help Napoli devour Udinese 4-1 in a Serie A match played at the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona.
4 hours ago
More than a dozen people were arrested overnight in the US city of Philadelphia following looting of stores after a peaceful rally against police violence, officials said
4 hours ago
Armenia said Wednesday that nearly half of Nagorno-Karabakh's population has fled the enclave since Azerbaijan crushed the rebels' decades-long fight for an independent state last week. Yerevan's attempts to absorb the sea of homeless and hungry ethnic Armenians come with officials still trying to identify the whereabouts of more than 100 people reported missing in…
5 hours ago
Lagos State Governor,Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has given traders two days ultimate to vacate the red line rail tracks at Agege.