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Healthy Living

14 Jun
Oil and gas outfit, Rainoil Limited, has again shown its commitment to promoting healthy living, fitness, and bonding among its employees, as it kicks off its 25th-anniversary celebrations
21 Mar
An expert, Prof. Adewale Baderinwa, has urged Nigerians to prioritise personal health for improved productivity.
30 Sep 2020
Health experts have stressed the need for people to limit alcohol intake, tobacco smoking, and indulge in exercise to prevent heart disease.
12 Apr 2020
As governments enforce strict measures to combat the spread of the deadly coronavirus, over 100 countries have instituted either a full or partial lockdown. It is estimated that over a third of the world population is currently on coronavirus lockdown. This leaves many people with both little to do and enough time to slip into…
15 Mar 2020
As accurate and amazing as it is, people are assessed, acknowledged and applauded or otherwise, based on the state of their minds.
6 Feb 2020
Johannes Bircher in his work titled “Towards a dynamic definition of health and disease”, views health as a dynamic state of wellbeing characterized by a physical
30 Nov 2019
A Reality television show for promoting healthy living and fight against obesity, while reaching out to Nigerians on the benefits of keeping fit, is set to hit the Nigerian television airwaves.
20 Nov 2019
Many people have been affected by boil, at times it causes sleepless nights and at times, the pain is subtle. According to Greatist News, boils generally form when pus collects under your skin, centered on a hair follicle. When this is due to an infection, it’s known as a furuncle. Boils are not always due…
26 Oct 2019
You could work out daily and still have a protruded stomach if you do not watch what you eat. Eating healthy improves digestion, and reduces bloats. Below are some healthy eating habits that can help reduce tummy fats. Take lots of water Taking lots of water can help flush your system and help digestion. This…
17 Sep 2019
The next time you indulge in a piece of chocolate, you may not have to feel so guilty about it. Despite its bad reputation for causing weight gain, a number of health benefits are associated with this treat most especially dark chocolate. Chocolate is made from tropical Theobroma cacao tree seeds. Dark chocolate is loaded…
15 Aug 2019
Food is essential to life and by the life I am referring to the total well being of the human being. In other words, I am talking about a life of wellness, devoid of any disease, a life well-nourished and life of optimal growth for the young ones that are still growing.
20 Apr 2019
My weekly #ParentingToday session on Lagos Talks 91.3 fm was enlightening and amazing, thanks to our guest Dr Sade Adeyi, who is a GP at Brookside Medical Practice. We discussed Healthy Living For The Whole Family and she shared practical tips on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle for the family. See highlights below .…


25 mins ago
According to his friends and family, Coolio had been content and in good health; nevertheless, it has now come to light that he had severe asthma, which is thought to have led to his passing. The rapper had trouble with asthma for the majority of his life, according to many sources, and both friends and…
33 mins ago
Twelve people died when gunmen opened fire on villagers in troubled northeast Nigeria, police said.
2 hours ago
SADIYA UMAR FAROUQ: Resourceful Administrator, Raising The Bar Of Productivity, Excellence At The Federal Ministry Of Humanitarians Affairs, Disaster Management, Social Development.  She is a woman of substance who can never be ignored in the rollcall of Nigerians whose professional engagements and exemplary lifestyle have helped in raising the bars of productivity and excellence. Certainly,…
3 hours ago
Knutsford University College, Ghana; The Ideal University For Nigerians In Search Of The Academic Golden Fleece For a long time, tertiary institutions in Nigeria have been grappling with keeping faith in their academic mandates. The reason behind this unfortunate reality includes; numerous industrial actions by various academic unions which end up disrupting and prolonging the…
3 hours ago
Nigerians, from different quarters, have described President Muhammadu Buhari’s national broadcast on the occasion of 62nd independence anniversary, as a national embarrassment