Monday, 24th January 2022
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Hillary Clinton

8 Aug 2016
Sir: I would like more than anything to see more women in power in Nigeria; but I do not believe that it is the solution to gender inequality. Many will say it is a step in the right direction ...
22 Jul 2016
Abuja-based Bring Back Our Girls group has in response to comments made by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie at the United States Republican National Convention, condemned, in an open letter statements, which he made.
8 Jul 2016
Unequivocally, Hilary Clinton would not only be better for Africa, she would be better for United States and the Planet.
25 Jun 2016
It is no longer news that former American Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, on June 4th became the first woman in American history to become a presumptive ...


4 mins ago
The head of the World Health Organization said on Monday that the planet can end the Covid-19 emergency this year, although the virus last week killed someone every 12 seconds.
9 mins ago
LAGOS, Nigeria, 24th January 2022 -/African Media Agency(AMA)/- As African enterprises continue their digital transformation initiatives accelerated by the pandemic, talent is once again in the spotlight. World Bank data suggests more than 230 million jobs in Africa will require digital skills by the end of the decade, while a recent IFC report found that demand for digital…
16 mins ago
Airlines must operate more flights in Britain this summer as demand recovers from the pandemic -- or lose lucrative take-off and landing slots, the UK government warned Monday.
20 mins ago
Herbs have tremendous impact on health care.  Whether you add them to your food as spices or add them to your tea and juices, herbal products provide the body with tremendous health benefits. One herb with tremendous benefits in wellness is soursop fruits. Belonging to the Annonaceae family (custard apple family), Soursop's flavour is a…
58 mins ago
Senegal's ruling coalition on Monday acknowledged defeat in two local polls seen as a key test of support ahead of an eagerly-awaited general election.