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Holy Bible

23 Dec 2018
Matthew’s Gospel chapters five through eight present to us a typical day in the life of Christ. He began very early in the morning by preaching the greatest sermon ever preached: The Sermon on the Mount. This sermon stretches through chapters 5, 6 and 7. In chapter 8:1-4, immediately after His morning ministration, a leper…
2 Dec 2018
The most important codices are the: Codex Siniaticus (complete New Testament dating from the fourth century) Codex Alexandrinus (most of the New Testament dating from the fifth century) Codex Vaticanus (dating from the fifth century.) Our twentieth-century Bible is, therefore, the result of centuries of comparison and study of all the available manuscripts and translations…
11 Nov 2018
The process of deciding which books should belong in the New Testament is uncertain. The collection of Paul’s letters was the first stage.
4 Nov 2018
The discourse shall be classified under the following headings (1) DESCRIPTION OF THE BIBLE (2) THE PURPOSE, GOAL AND BENEFITS OF THE BIBLE (3) BRINGING THE BIBLE TO LIFE IN OUR LIVES. Formation and Canon “Bible” derives from the Greek word biblia, meaning “books” and refers to the Old Testament (OT) and the New Testament…
14 Oct 2018
Sir: I have realised that keeping quiet in the face of dishonesty is UNGODLY and seeing people doing or following the wrong lane which you know...
28 Sep 2018
Certain age-long misconceptions about Islam, especially as it concerns jihad and terrorism are the thematic engagement in the latest offering entitled: Jihad and Terrorism in Islam: Facts and Explanation from the Holy Quran and the Holy Bible. The author, Sulaimon Adeyemi Dada, lays facts bare and provides scriptural quotes from the Quran and Bible to…
19 Feb 2017
Growing up, we were told many of the great parables of Jesus Christ, as narrated in the Holy Bible. These parables are the wise stories told by Jesus to pass instructions...
12 Sep 2016
This occasion originated from the days of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) who, as both the Holy Quran and the Holy Bible record, was called upon by God to sacrifice Ishmael, his only son at the time, for the Almighty.


12 mins ago
The Police in Borno have arrested a female teacher simply identified as Aunty Zara for allegedly sexually assaulting a four-year-old pupil in Maiduguri.
30 mins ago
Australia won a World Cup game for only the third time in their history with a dogged 1-0 victory over Tunisia on Saturday to revive their last-16 hopes.
1 hour ago
Eden Hazard admitted Saturday that Belgium's best chance to win the World Cup had come and gone but said they still have the quality and experience to lift the trophy in Qatar. Belgium, who finished third at the tournament in Russia in 2018, are still ranked second in the world but many of the much-vaunted…
1 hour ago
US authorities announced a ban Friday on the import or sale of communications equipment deemed "an unacceptable risk to national security" -- including gear from Chinese giants Huawei Technologies and ZTE. Both firms have been on a roster of companies listed as a threat by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and the new rules bar…
1 hour ago
Following the adoption of the national framework for the operation and domestication of Human Capital Development (HCD) across the country, the Lagos State Government along with the Governments of the six southwestern states has committed to investing in people through knowledge and skills acquisition. At a 2-day HCD Southwest Regional Conference with the theme: “From…