Monday, 27th June 2022
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13 Apr
Several electronics companies, including iPhone and Macbook makers, have halted production in the Chinese cities of Shanghai and Kunshan, adding to supply chain woes under Beijing's strict zero-Covid measures.
29 Dec 2021
Apple said Wednesday it has put the Indian plant of its main supplier "on probation" after mass food poisoning and protests over workers’ living conditions. Some 250 women working at Foxconn's iPhone factory in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu were treated for food poisoning this month, 159 of whom were hospitalised. This prompted…
22 Sep 2021
Apple CEO Tim Cook strode through a slickly produced video Tuesday to launch a new iPhone, with few hints of the exceptional string of troubles facing his company including policy reversals, a spyware attack and legal fights.
iPhone SE
6 Aug 2021
Apple will scan photo libraries stored on iPhones in the US for known images of child sexual abuse, the company says, drawing praise from child protection groups but crossing a line that privacy campaigners warn could have dangerous ramifications. The company will also examine the contents of end-to-end encrypted messages for the first time. As…
6 Aug 2021
Apple Thursday said iPhones and iPads will soon start detecting images containing child sexual abuse and reporting them as they are uploaded to its online storage in the United States, a move privacy advocates say raises concerns. "We want to help protect children from predators who use communication tools to recruit and exploit them, and…
iPhone SE
16 Apr 2020
Apple recently announced the new iPhone SE and it has been generating a lot of buzz because of its good value. The second-generation iPhone SE was announced at $399 and boasts of the iPhone 8’s body, the iPhone 11’s processor, and the iPhone XR’s camera system with a few new capabilities. The new iPhone SE isn't…
15 Apr 2020
Is now the time to launch a new iPhone?
26 Oct 2019
President Donald Trump took a swipe at Apple chief Tim Cook with a Tweet lamenting the removal of the iPhone home button.
17 Oct 2019
D.E. Razumilov, the Russian man who sued American tech giant Apple after claiming an iPhone app turned him gay has withdrawn his complaint. According to his lawyer, Sapizhat Gusnieva the lawsuit was withdrawn due to privacy fears. "Today we abandoned the legal demands," his attorney said Thursday, after the first hearing behind closed doors in a Moscow…
3 Oct 2019
A Russian man has sued American tech giant Apple after alleging that an iPhone app had turned him gay. According to Russian radio station Govorit Moskva, the man who is identified as D. Razumilov is seeking more than $15,000 (N5,422,500) in damages from Apple after claiming that the iPhone drove him to homosexuality. Razumilov, alleges that he…
17 Sep 2019
When Apple's president Tim Cook unveiled the new iPhone line-up last Tuesday, did he know that the smartphones' most prominent feature would also be the cause of social media rebuttal? The iPhone Pro and Pro Max have a unique feature; a triple-lens fidget spinner shaped 12MP rear camera array. Soon after the launch, several people…
11 Sep 2019
Apple on Tuesday played to its strengths with powerful new iPhone and iPad models able to serve as stages for its new game and television services.


12 mins ago
That Saturday morning, when I drove in my Rolls Royce to Government House in Asaba, and Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s Chief of Staff, Festus Agas, came to meet me that the governor said I should go, that I was not invited to a meeting ..
13 mins ago
African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) has executed a project preparation facility financing head of terms with UTM Offshore Limited (UTM), the bank said in a statement at the weekend.
14 mins ago
Justice Ambrose Lewis-Allagoa of the Federal High Court, Lagos, has ordered parties in a suit filed by some Lagos State indigenes over alleged neglect in appointments to public offices and career...
14 mins ago
In its drive to enhance human capital development of teachers in its technical and vocational colleges, Ogun State Government has concluded plan to sponsor eight principals and 11 instructors across all the Government Science...
17 mins ago
True democracy comes when the environment encompasses safety, ample economic benefits, free, fair, and trustworthy voting system, as well as the decrease of the hydra-headed difficulties...