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Jeff Bezos

20 Jul
The wealthiest man on the planet Jeff Bezos spent a few minutes in space Tuesday on Blue Origin's first human mission, a key moment for a fledgling industry seeking to make the final frontier accessible to elite tourists. "A very happy group of people in this capsule," said Bezos after the spaceship touched down in the…
20 Jul
With less than 30 minutes to launch, Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos posted a video to his Instagram in tribute to his brother, Mark, who is one of two other passengers joining Bezos on the company’s first passenger spaceflight. In the video, Bezos shares some words of encouragement as the brothers clink their glasses of…
11 Jul
What can we say? This week has been quite eventful and filled with hilarious moments. With buzzing stories on the soldiers on heels to the struggle to become baby daddy of the year to making questionable decisions on sensitive issues, the previous week is a week to remember. Catch up on all the major stories…
5 Jul
As he prepares to blast off into a new career stage, Jeff Bezos leaves an enduring legacy after transforming Amazon from a modest online bookseller into one of the world's most powerful corporations.
5 Jul
Jeff Bezos, the American business magnate, who is founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of one of the world’s largest technological organisations Amazon, will step down from the top position on Monday. The chief of Amazon Web Services, Andy Jassy, will become the new CEO. However, Bezos, 57, will retain a crucial role as the…
1 Jul
Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin firm announced Thursday that barrier-breaking woman aviator Wally Funk, 82, will be the fourth passenger on the billionaire's space trip. The trip to space is 60 years overdue for Funk, who was one of the Mercury 13, the first women trained to fly to space from 1960-1961, but excluded because of…
17 Jun
A petition calling for billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to be denied re-entry to Earth following his spaceflight next month has garnered thousands of signatures online. The Change.org petition, as of the time of this report, has gained over 12,000 signatures since it was created last week. Titled "Petition To Not Allow Jeff Bezos Re-Entry…
13 Jun
It appears that the universe came together to see that glasses are shattered and it is a week of world records. From the journey out of space to becoming the hottest creature on the planet. Catch up on all the major stories that made our week: What in the quackery?! What happens when an imposter…
13 Jun
A mystery bidder paid $28 million at auction Saturday for a seat alongside Jeff Bezos on board the first crewed spaceflight of the billionaire's company Blue Origin next month.
11 Jun
Two weeks after losing the title of the richest person in the world to LVMH chief Bernard Arnault, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos reclaimed the No. 1 spot on Thursday according to Forbes. Amazon shares closed more than 2% higher, boosting Bezos’ net worth by $3.5 billion, while shares in Arnault’s luxury conglomerate LVMH slumped by nearly…
7 Jun
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced Monday he will fly into space next month on the first human flight launched by his Blue Origin rocket firm.
27 May
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said Wednesday that he will hand over operational control to his successor on July 5, leaving as the e-commerce giant flexes its muscles in television and cloud.


1 day ago
Insurgency in Nigeria started precisely in the Northeast and it has already taken over the whole nation as at today with the ongoing attacks on military facilities
1 day ago
Gunmen from a suspected criminal gang attacked a village market in northwest Nigeria's Sokoto state, killing 43 people, the state government said Monday. Heavily armed gangs known locally as bandits have terrorised northwest and central Nigeria for years, raiding and looting villages, but attacks have become even more violent in recent months. "Forty-three people have…
1 day ago
The Japanese government has earmarked 260,000 dollars in its bid towards combating piracy and kidnapping in the Gulf of Guinea (GoG).
1 day ago
Belgian officials announced Monday they had broken up a cocaine smuggling gang, arresting 27 people in a series of raids during which they seized drugs, guns and luxury goods -- including horses.
1 day ago
FIFA president Gianni Infantino said on Monday his controversial plans to hold a World Cup every two years will help spread the fund's football generates away from a handful of super clubs.