Monday, 27th March 2023
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Kaycee Madu

18 Jan 2022
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has asked justice minister and solicitor general Kaycee Madu to step back from ministerial duties pending the completion of an investigation. Madu was appointed in August 2020. He is stepping aside following reports he was accused of calling Edmonton’s police chief to rescind a ticket fine for using his phone while…
18 Oct 2020
A regional minister in Canada Kaycee Madu has endorsed protests against brutality in Nigeria, his country of birth. Madu, who is the justice minister and solicitor general of Alberta, a province in Canada, said his cousin was "murdered" by Nigerian policemen in 2013 and that the policing system in Nigeria needed total reform. "Fundamental human…
27 Aug 2020
President Muhammadu Buhari has rejoiced with Nigerian born Kaycee Madu, appointed Minister of Justice and Solicitor General for the Government of Alberta, in Canada. Madu makes history as the first African born provincial Minister in Canadian history and is also the Provincial Secretary and Keeper of the Great Seal of the Province of Alberta. President…
27 Aug 2020
The Canadian government has appointed a Nigerian-born Canadian, Kaycee Madu, as the justice minister and solicitor general of Alberta, a province in Canada. With the new appointment, he replaces Doug Schweitzer, the new minister of jobs, economy and innovation. "Madu is the first Black Man to occupy either Provincial or Federal Justice positions of the…
2 May 2019
Kaycee Madu has been appointed and sworn in as the Minister of Municipal Affairs in Alberta, Canada, effective April 30. Madu, who was recently declared winner at the tightly contested election as Member of Parliament representing Edmonton South-West in Alberta, Canada, is a barrister. Madu, a Nigerian and an Mbaise son from Ahiazu Mbaise, Imo…


44 mins ago
Kenyans were bracing Monday for a new round of anti-government demonstrations over the high cost of living after the opposition vowed the action would go ahead despite a police ban.
1 hour ago
The President-elect, Bola Tinubu’s spokesman in the southeast, Dr Josef Onoh has accused the former Governor of Anambra state, Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife of incendiary comments and brewing tension among the friendly peoples of the southeast and southwest. He said it was not statesmanlike for the status of Ezeife to make media comments capable of inflaming…
1 hour ago
North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles on Monday, South Korea's military said, the latest in a flurry of weapons tests that Pyongyang says are in response to major US-South Korea defence drills.
1 hour ago
*Hails breakthrough in early cancer detection To further press home the Importance of gender mainstreaming in the innovation and technology sector, Oxfam Nigeria alongside women in Information Technology and Communication, (ICT), and others, have renewed calls for more women in technology and science-related fields. Women in ICT led by Kemisola Bolanrewa, noted that for equality,…
1 hour ago
Raven & Macaw, an award-winning digital marketing startup based in Abuja, Nigeria, has recently launched their innovative all-in-one optical management software in London. The software, called Raven Vision, was launched at one of the biggest optical events in Europe, 100% Optical London, on January 25th, 2023.