Friday, 7th October 2022
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1 Oct 2020
Despite the passage of the Oyo State Open Rearing and Grazing Regulation Law 2019 by the state House of Assembly, herdsmen go on the rampage, killing farmers, destroying farms
14 Jun 2020
“A Litlle folly,” a “little” sin, seemingly harmless, not exactly damning, but it is the beginning of damning iniquity. Slothfulness, ease and recreation might not
15 May 2016
More than 50 people across Bangladesh have died after being struck by lightning in the past two days, police say.
14 Apr 2015
Five car bombs in the Baghdad area, including one near a hospital, killed at least 15 people and wounded more than 45 on Tuesday, security and medical officials said.
14 Apr 2015
Car bombs in the Baghdad area, including one near a hospital, killed at least eight people on Tuesday, security and medical officials said.
7 Apr 2015
Eight Iranian border guards have been killed in a clash with Sunni rebels who had infiltrated from neighbouring Pakistan, Iran's official IRNA news agency reported on Tuesday.
7 Apr 2015
OVER two dozens of Boko Haram gunmen in a convoy of Toyota Hilux vehicles and motorcycles yesterday attacked villages of Kayamla and Kwajaffa in Borno State, killing 24 people and torching several houses and market stalls before fleeing into the Sambisa Forest.
6 Apr 2015
Suspected rebels shot and killed three unarmed police officers Monday after ambushing their vehicle in disputed Indian Kashmir, shortly after a separate incident left another officer critically injured, officials said.
4 Apr 2015
Gunmen have invaded two communities in Nigeria's southern oil state of Rivers, killing at least six people and injuring two others a week ahead of a key governor election, the police said Saturday.


8 mins ago
As housing remains a big challenge to Nigeria’s growing population, a real estate development firm, Millard Fuller Foundation in partnership with the Selavip Foundation, on Thursday, with determination unveiled zero-interest housing units for low-income earners.
16 mins ago
The 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to French author Annie Ernaux . The Lillebonne, France-born 82-year-old was given the Nobel Prize for her bravery and clinical acumen in exposing the origins, estrangements, and societal limits of individual memory. One of her nation's most recognized authors, Ernaux is known for writing nonfiction and novels…
23 mins ago
His head haloed by a whirlwind of mosquitoes, Aamir Hussain stands on the roof of his home in southern Pakistan surveying the fetid floodwaters all around.
26 mins ago
Kalabash Technology Solutions Limited ("Kalabash"), a financial technology services firm based in Lagos, Nigeria that specialises in developing innovative payment solutions across multi sectors, announced today that it has signed a multi-year agreement with Air Peace, West and Central Africa’s largest airline, founded in 2014, to provide its innovative payment solution, Pay Small Small™ (PSS), to all the airline’s passengers.
1 hour ago
Former President, Goodluck Jonathan, has urged politicians to emulate the political attributes of inclusion, sacrifice and selflessness, for which Plateau’s first civilian governor, the late Chief Solomon Lar was renowned.