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Kole Omotoso

25 Feb 2018
It all started with Alaba also known as Child-Wiser-Than-Parents. He asked Mr. Dafida Trouble if he remembered the story about the doctor who had never left Nigeria
18 Feb 2018
A week or so ago, a book was launched at Ajowa - Akoko in Ondo State. The book is the first history telling the story of how, out of some seven or eight surrounding villages...
11 Feb 2018
As part of his settlement Mr. Trouble married Miss Rachelle Palaver. Miss Palaver was a gentle woman and although she now became Mrs. Trouble she remained an oasis of peace and tranquility in the midst of Palaver and trouble.
4 Feb 2018
The state and condition of use of English in English speaking Africa has become problematic. Language as the instrument of thought needs to be clear, simple, plain and consistent. That African thoughts in the English speaking parts of the continent have become unclear, difficult, obtuse and inconsistent has to do with the use of English.…
28 Jan 2018
The state and condition of use of English in English speaking Africa has become problematic. Language as the instrument of thought needs to be clear, simple, plain and consistent.
7 Jan 2018
Like the clever tailor who sewed an invisible but gorgeous garment for the emperor, it was a stupid thing to get money out of his imperial majesty.
17 Dec 2017
All over the world commentators and ordinary conversation makers proclaim the lost of social and communal values. People lose the habit of elementary courtesies...
17 Sep 2017
The registrar of Roadside University was the one who called the attention of the university to the fact that there was a national budget for prayers in the federal allocations.
6 Aug 2017
There is a piece of journalism from Haiti that should be of interest to the world. Just two almost innocent looking unimportant paragraphs wondering if it was possible for a rich person in Haiti...
16 Jul 2017
In Lagos State it was the undemocratic selecting of local government chairmen candidates that pitched the party leaders against the voters. The leaders had their candidates, favoured and anointed.
9 Jul 2017
A time there was in South Africa when the president announced to the world that those who have evidence of corruption against him or any member of his family must show him. The implication of the statement is that with the evidence made available to him he would do something.
18 Jun 2017
In the lighter moments of the Travels of Trouble, Mr. Dafida Trouble and his assistant Child-Wiser-Than-Elders would jubilate (what is the relationship of this word 'jubilation' to the isiZulu word 'njabulo' with such similar meanings?)


6 mins ago
The Operatives of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) have apprehended two suspected abductors and rescued a female victim inside their car around the Presbyterian Church, Yaba, Lagos.
22 mins ago
The Nigeria Police Force has denied disregard for a court order by the current administration of the Office of the Inspector-General of Police (I-G).
2 hours ago
With an all-of-society approach, Nigerians must shun the disaster of corruption, embrace honesty and unite to build a great country, because integrity and trustworthiness are vital attributes for success, according to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.
2 hours ago
Ahead of World AIDS Day tomorrow, December 1, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) has said it will commemorate the day with the theme, ‘It’s Not Over’, to remind world leaders, global public health institutions and civil society bodies ...
2 hours ago
The All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council (PCC), yesterday, unveiled a mobile crowd-funding channel for Bola Ahmed Tinubu-Kashim Shettima presidential project ahead of the 2023 general elections.