Saturday, 3rd June 2023

Latin America

8 Jan 2022
At least 11 Colombian police officers were wounded in an attack against their truck using explosives in the southwestern city
22 Nov 2021
The world has a written history of the past 5000 (3000 BC-2000) years of the human development experience. That record ought to guide the human development process but that is not the situation.
2 Oct 2021
In a coastal desert on Chile's border with Peru, a night patrol runs into two different groups of migrants making their way across Latin America
2 Jun 2020
With nearly 30,000 dead in Brazil and more than 10,000 dead in Mexico, the novel coronavirus epidemic threatens to shatter hospital systems across Latin America -- while France, which is emerging from a similar nightmare scenario, begins on Tuesday a gradual return to normalcy.
21 Nov 2019
Mexico has the most femicides of any country in Latin America, according to Amnesty International. The country was one of the first in the world to recognize femicide as a specific crime, which it did in 2007.
27 Oct 2019
Resource-rich Argentina derived its name from the Latin for silver, but its real wealth has come from agriculture, earning it the nickname "breadbasket of the world" at the beginning of the 20th Century.
8 Oct 2019
Industry regulator, the National Pension Commission (PenCom), has said there will be a significant development in Nigeria’s housing sector if contributors devoted a percentage of their Pension Fund Assets (PFA) under management as equity injections for residential mortgages.
28 Sep 2019
Cuba slammed the United States at the United Nations Saturday for barring former president Raul Castro and his family from entering the country. Washington announced travel sanctions on Thursday that made Castro -- brother of late revolutionary leader Fidel Castro -- and his relatives ineligible for travel to America.
3 Mar 2019
Five artists with links to ‘Mbari’ Movement of the 60s are among Africans showing at the 2019 Art Dubai, in United Arab Emirate. Represented by London-based Tafeta Gallery, the artists include, Uche Okeke, Demas Nwoko, Muraina Oyelami, Jimoh Buraimoh and Susanne Wenger. Nwoko, Oyelami and Buraimoh are the only living artists on the list. The…


14 mins ago
The virus causing record cases of avian influenza in birds across the world is changing rapidly, experts have warned, as calls increase for countries to vaccinate their poultry.
1 hour ago
Long an anti-immigration party, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) has scaled new heights in national polls as discontent with the government in Berlin and its climate agenda grows.
1 hour ago
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is set to be sworn in on Saturday as head of state after winning a historic runoff election to extend his two-decade rule for another five years as Turkey's economic woes worsen.
1 hour ago
Carriages perched on top of each other and lines of bodies collected by rescue workers: as dawn broke on Saturday, it revealed the horror of one of India's deadliest railway crashes.
1 hour ago
Heavy rain across parts of Japan has killed one person, left two missing and injured dozens more, authorities said Saturday, with thousands of residents issued evacuation warnings.